Gateway Courses for the English Major – Fall 2014

ENG 265 (A&B): British Literature- Intro to Major: The Mythical,The Imagined, and the Fantastic in Early English Literature (Professor Sarah Hogan)

"This introductory course to the major will broadly survey early British literature, beginning in the late Middle Ages and moving through the eighteenth century. Thematically, the course will focus on fantastical works from a variety of genres like romance, pastoral, utopia, epic, and proto-SciFi. To help us chart the formation and development of these traditions, texts that directly or indirectly “dialogue” with each other will be read in pairs and “intertextuality” will be a key concept of discussion.  Our readings will indulge our imaginations, depicting mythical Arthurian pasts, unknown lands that lie across the sea, and an England itself made strange through the frightening or liberating possibilities of a New Science. At the same time, we will also explore how writers employed fantastical or mythical fictions to real world ends, critiquing sovereigns, imagining an imperial or republican destiny for England, or grappling with the relationship between religion and science.  All along the way, we will also reflect on what is at stake in interpretation by approaching these texts from various critical angles and learning about some of the most influential methods of literary criticism. "

ENG 266: Gateway Course: British Literature 1800-Present (Professor Eric Wilson)

This gateway course for English majors will survey significant works from the British and postcolonial literary traditions since 1800.  Writers covered will include Blake, Wordsworth, Keats, Mary Shelley, Emily Brontë, Tennyson, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Wilde, Yeats, Joyce, Woolf, Auden, Derek Walcott, Rushdie, and Zadie Smith.  The texts will be The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. 2, and selected novels.

ENG 275. Gateway Course: American Literature: Introduction to the Major (Prof. Judith Madera)

English 275 is designed to introduce English majors to significant American authors from a succession of periods and movements. It is also designed to broaden students’ awareness of the range and richness of American literature. In this class we will consider a number of different genres of writing. Seminar lectures and discussions will highlight key ideas and styles associated with various literary movements.  Students should expect to develop a strengthened foundational understanding of American literature from the 18
th through 20th centuries. Required readings from the Norton Anthology of American Literature Shorter 8th edition and select additional texts.  Authors we will consider include: Mather, Edwards, Crèvecoeur, Emerson, Hawthorne, Walker, Thoreau, Douglass, Dickinson, Turner, Martí, Jewett, Eliot, Faulkner, Larsen, Hemingway, Welty, Capote, Morrison.