Coach's Corner - Issue 26

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Power of the mind- confidence in self!

This week I will talk about the power of the mind, our wonderful game of lawn bowls is 20 per cent physical movements and 80 per cent in the mind with gaining positive performances. In terms of self-confidence once again it comes back to having a delivery that is automatic, not having to think about your delivery and having full confidence -your able to put your bowl on the line you desire is a start to having confidence.

Having confidence is a self-belief in your ability - under any circumstances you can deliver for your team. A great example is inexperienced players on a quick surface- it's purely the lack of repetition to gain confidence. So we understand that practise and repetition will improve confidence.

The next is being able to experience pressure and absorb pressure- the great saying of pressure cooks ham! It's so true we can train and train like superstars and come game day lose all confidence and falter under pressure. A great example of this is goal kicking in the afl- players practise goal kicking over and over again but they can't practise kicking goals at training with thousands of people watching! Pressure does crazy things to people and bowls is no exception. That's why all the drills on Thursday involve pressure situations. The more you experience it -the less it affects you!

The last aspect of the mental game is thinking through all aspects if the game beforehand. Before pennant or big games I do think through all scenarios, good and bad and how I will deal with it! Preparing yourself mentally before a game is vital for preparation.

Last week mark asked a question of the greatest opponent? Personally the greatest opponent in the Geelong district is Steve Sullivan- plays for Queenscliff, also known as Sachin after Sachin Tendulkar- the little master! Has a personality and demeanour of the great Roger Federer- no situation will get to him or he won't show it, can draw on a five cent piece!! I have the upmost respect for this guy. I played Steve in singles final for Geelong four years ago and it was probably one of my greatest games and only won 25-24! Last year I drawn Steve in round 1 of the Geelong singles and once again I thought I played one of my better games and lost 25-24.

In terms of others- the best player in Australia is undoubtedly Aaron sheriff- I had the pleasure of playing against Aaron in the Australian junior singles- freak!!! I also had the pleasure of playing with him in Sydney- can do absolutely anything. Freak!!!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush