Coach's Corner - Issue 16

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Game Plans!

This week we will discuss game plans according to surfaces and opponents, a couple of tactics I like using in pennant.

On the weekend two teams travelled away to play on unfamiliar or different surfaces to what we have been used to.

In the warm up I tried many different shots and it seemed that with varying weight it was difficult to find a line!

Therefore I made the decision to base my game and our rinks game around draw and drive only. You can play the yard over shot or swingers all day on artificial surfaces all day and not get one! By driving it takes out the sideways movement. Mentally it also becomes very clear when you step onto the mat in what to play. Please note that if you are holding a good lie and you don't want to disturb the head too much of course play perfect shot.

I think that looking at the games on the weekend- those who tried the perfect weight wasted too many bowls.

The lesson is to decide this before the game as a skip and let your team know your thoughts.

In terms of tactics- I really like the trial ends for observation purposes. We played a medium length end in a trial end on the weekend when the opposition put all 8 bowls in the yard stick. That tell me straight away- we won't be playing medium ends today.

Also in the trial ends the thirds delivery looked very awkward so the message to the troops was to try and apply the pressure- put the extra bowl in the head to entice the upshot!

Also from the trial ends, I will tell my lead to throw a length we are not likely to play- don't let the opposition have a practise at the length you want to play.

On Saturdays you don't have to be focused at all times- it's impossible! You only really need 15 seconds to focus and that’s on the mat after that of course you watch your rink but look around applaud encouraging other rinks. A good example of this is digger Ryan- very good at switching on and off, has a laugh, encourages but when he's on the mat gets the job done.

Congratulations to all teams on the weekend! What a result.... We need to keep the winning momentum rolling into finals...

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush