Employees who are drafted for jury duty or as a witness in court will be granted jury duty leave.  The employee’s service as a witness, juror or party litigant must be verified by the court clerk.

Employees’ work schedules may be adjusted by the Director within a single pay period to accommodate loss of hours.  When the Director determines that rescheduling work hours to accommodate jury duty is not feasible, CJRL will make up any difference in salary in which jury pay is less than CJRL pay for the first five days of jury service.  Proof of jury duty pay is required.  Employees may be required to provide proof of hardship when determining rescheduling feasibility.

Policy’s Procedural Implementation

Requesting Leave

The employee must notify their supervisor in writing as soon as the potential need for jury duty leave is known.  Supervisors notified of jury duty leave situations must notify the Director via e-mail of the potential need for jury duty leave.

The Director will follow-up with the employee to determine the extent to which rescheduling of work hours can be accomplished.  A final decision on rescheduling will be submitted in writing by the Director to the employee and the employee’s supervisor.

Reporting Leave

Jury duty leave will not be paid until the employee has supplied the Director with all required paperwork to verify extent of jury duty time and pay.

Jury leave should be recorded as personal leave on the employee’s monthly leave chart, with the words “jury duty leave” recorded in the associated notes.  Jury duty leave will not be charged against the employee’s annual personal leave but must be noted on the leave chart to indicate agreement between the employee and the Library that the employee did not physically work during the hours/days indicated.

Leave charts are to be signed by both the employee and the employee’s supervisor.  Only original and properly signed copies of leave charts will be processed. By signing the leave sheet, the employee and the employee’s supervisor are agreeing that the leave time reported accurately reflects the leave time used by the employee during the previous month.  When discrepancies occur between the employee’s leave sheet and the Director’s records, the employee and/or the employee’s supervisor will be contacted via e-mail in order to obtain an explanation for the discrepancy.

After all discrepancies have been resolved, the Director will update the employee’s annual leave chart and e-mail a copy to the employee or employee’s supervisor.  Any questions regarding the employee’s annual leave chart should be sent to the Director via e-mail.