Go to your App Store/Play Store on your device

Search for Canvas Parent

What is the Canvas Parent App?

You will need to create a Canvas Account first:

Android Device                  iOs Device

Information you will need to set-up your student on your account:

Institution:mcdowell.instructure.com (Type in exactly)

You will have to get your child to log into his/her Canvas on your device when prompted (Students will need to use their AD Login, see format below:)

Student ID Number (Lunch Number)

Password: mcdowell + 4 digits (Chromebook password)

😊That’s It! You can now view assignments and course/class progress for your student. You can change notification settings, if you wish.

For more info on how To Use the App, Visit https://community.canvaslms.com/

Type Parent in the Search box on the site and find the information you need