Bronyville Episode 088 - Friendship Slugs Away!

Time : Saturday, PST

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The views expressed are that of the panelists and do not in any way reflect those of Hasbro, Studio B Productions, The Hub - employees and managements. The panelists themselves are fans and claim no expert knowledge on the source material.


Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode  recorded on, January 5th, 2013. I am your host Apple Cider





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Fake Episode Discussion: Crash Gordon - A hooftball player and his friends travel to the planet Mango and find themselves fighting the tyrant, Ping the Pitiless, to save Equestria.

Special Guest VA: Brian Blessed

Topic Time! - Hey! It’s Andrew Francis!




I'm a week behind in listening to podcasts (typing this in the wee hours of 1/1/2013--Happy New Year, incidentally) so I haven't yet heard Bronyville Episode 87 to hear if you were pounced on by many show listeners about this, BUT: Just listened to Episode 86, wherein you ranted about Kevin Smith showing up in pony form.


Sorry, sorry, I'll settle down.  The pony with the Batman-pencil cutie mark is ponified Andy Price, the MLPFIM comic artist (and hopefully guest of yours someday!)--His wife is ponified next to him, and MLPFIM comic writer Katie Cook is ponified as the green pony with the heart speech bubble cutie mark in front of the Prices.  Andy's Batman cutie mark reflects the fact that he's a huge Batman fan (like Kevin Smith, granted) and is known for having done numerous special edition sketch cards for the Batman Archives trading card set, among other Batman art.

Attached is the image in question from the MLP comic, and here's the link to the full page artwork on Andy's deviantART page if you have any doubts:

I hate to jump down your throat on this, but I'd hate even more for you to spread among your listeners such a wrong and negative spin on an artist's personal touch, ESPECIALLY when you've mentioned you hope to have said artist on your show in the future.  I laugh at your "podcast rivalry" fun with Kevin Smith, too, but make sure you keep your facts straight...

All the best in 2013!

--ex-SGT Dave

Howdy Chefie, starry, AC and random person in the foreground.

I have some refection on last weeks episode, the things we learned,

half of the CMCs er are orphans though Applebloom  don't have to live in a cardboard box.

Luna has been over doing it as

Granny Smith said  they had the reunion every 100 moons which is around 8 years, now if it same reunion as in season 1, two years ago Luna has been over doing it with a mew moon every week.

Building Barns is something the apple family is good at, after Parasprite, RD, Pinkie Pie and now AJ and that is just the once we know of, well maybe not good at maybe it is just something they like to do.

The fact the there was a couple of non Earth ponies there wasn't that ode, as most folks marries outside of they own family most of the time, and just because they are not Earth ponies don't make them less of a pony. AC has been known to hang around with unicorn mares.

Also Airship Apple family members? why are no one talking about that?

Twisted Haywire

Greetings AC, Sandy, Starry Night and guests. There's something in my mind that has been bothering me for a while now. I dont like it when somebody in the fandom says "I didn't like that episode of MLP". I enjoy every single episode and it just seems silly to me for any brony to say "I'll never watch that episode again". Do I have a favorite and least favorite episode? Sure I do. However does it mean I hate my least favorite episode? Not at all, it just means there're other episodes I like more. Perhaps I am easily pleased but we all should remember that we had a long ponyless summer and we really should enjoy what little pony we have left for this season. Keep up the good work.

Your faithful listener, Storm Runner.

P.S. Pinkie Pie was, is and forever will be Best Pony in my eyes.

Dear Chef Sandy and AppleCider,

After listening to episode 86, I would just like to point out that

Sibsy's Wildfire has ALREADY been in the MLP television show,

specifically, the Season Two Finale during part 1, so copyright wasn't

the issue.

Here is the clip via from youtube:

She was probably removed in my opnion due to the fact that her cutie

mark may have been deemed 'too violent' for younger viewers, but I do

not know that for sure.

Clearing things up,

Speed Dash ( aka Fangz the Wolf)

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night, and this week's guest,

On last week's show you talked about Hasbro lowering the boom on having voice actors at conventions because they spend a lot of money making sure the convention meets their standards, but see no money out of the investment themselves. I have an idea that could potentially solve this problem (so, hopefully someone at Hasbro listens to your show ;).

It's very simple: Hasbro buys table space in the Dealers' Room. Or even demands a free slot as compensation for bestowing their blessing on the convention. Official Hasbro toys and merch that they WILL make money off of, perhaps even convention exclusives like the cards or Comic-con Derpy.

At Everfree Northwest this year, I saw a line stretching almost to the door of the Dealers' Room for the WeLoveFine shirt table. I guarantee you, if Hasbro puts up an official booth at a brony convention, the line will stretch around the block. THAT is how they can make money off it. Not just putting their stamp of approval on it and sending VAs over to make their own money off of autographs, or sending licensed third parties over so they can get their royalties, but having a merchandising presence directly there, making money directly for them.

Just my two bits. Have a Happy New Year everypony!

-Alfalfa Door the unicorn who is totally not a fox in disguise. >_>

Dear AC, Chef Sandy and the rest of the Bronyville crew,

I can understand why Princess Celestia is not given as much fanfare as her darker maned sister but I think this is due to the character coming across as your stereotypical wise and beautiful queen, matriarch. Heck it is hard to relate to fictional characters, let alone some immortal pony goddess! That is why Celestia needs her own episode, perhaps with Twilight and Spike that explores some of her back story and shows that it is indeed lonely at the top. Hopefully without degenerating her into becoming a demigod tyrant psycho like many fanfic treatments have ; ).

P.S. I am obviously a Nicole Oliver fan.

Best regards from your newly assimilated Brony drone,  

Rob aka Maphisto86.  

Hey there,

Love the show, I found it shortly after I burned my way through season 1, and I like hearing people's thoughts on each episode from different perspectives. I have to say though, as much of a fan as I am, I don't consider myself a "fanatic", and while I would love to attend one of these cons one day, I do fear for the fandom and the show a little bit.

For one, I don't feel like we're overwhelming the people at Hasbro and those who voice act the characters. I also don't want this awesome show to feel like it has to chance, because of the more... eccentric fans out there getting out of control.

I'm glad that you guys play the more "crowd control" role and try to calm people down a little.

About the cons, I feel there are to many of them... do you agree?

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Oh why hello there! That time of the week again? Cha! Well, let me see... ahh! Here it is! This particular weeks podcast is wonderful because Andrew Francis, voice of Shining Armor, Braeburn, and many other voices stopped in! We chatted about his long career as a VA, his roles in pony as well as heroes and villains. And we even have a little puppy chat! And Sandy and I go through our usual fandom news and emails with the assistance of Midnight Shadow - for sure!


Apple Cider

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