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What to bring
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What to bring when heading to your first class?

1. A hungry dog! Hold back part or all of their dinner depending on what time your class begins.

2. A collar and leash. I highly recommend a four or six-foot leather leash. If you do not have one, that is ok:) Bring what you have! For puppies, I recommend a simple buckle-type collar.  For beginner dogs, I may recommend that you try a different type of collar once I have observed you and your dog and discussed your needs. Bring what you have and we will see if we can make it work. If not, I have collars available for purchase and I will help you fit the collar to ensure it is the right size for your dog.

3. A baggie full of treats for your dog (small enough to eat quickly- a variety of soft treats is best). Bring low value and high value treats. Low value treats are not meant low value as in quality. Low value treats is something that they typically get all the time. This is typically your regular dog training treats you get from a bag. A high value treat is desirable because your dog will initially be distracted by the new environment and the other dogs. Good choices are hot dogs that have been quartered, sliced and microwaved (to remove the grease); string or regular cheese cut-up, firm meats cut in small pieces.

4. A bait bag, fanny pack or LOOSE pockets for your treats – you won’t be able to carry a bag around with you.

5. Vet Records! If I have not seen them:)

6. PATIENCE and a big smile!

7. Water and and bowl to ensure your dog is hydrated!