We Never Get a Commission Unless We Generate the Lead that Buys The Car!


I/We _______________________________Name(s) of Titled Owner(s) of


Address:              ______________________

City:                    ______________________

State:                   ______________________

Zip:                     ______________________

Phone:                ______________________

Email:                 ______________________


Give permission to WeBe Autos Ltd. to Market the following vehicle for me/us:


Year                    ______________________

Make                  ______________________

Model                 ______________________

Body Style          ______________________

Odometer Reading _________________

Vehicle Identification Number ______________________


- This contract is valid for the following period (Generally until Sold) : _____________


- The owner(s) of the vehicle is/are to pay 5% of a Minimum Selling Price of _____________

- The vehicle currently has the following unsatisfied lien in the amount of $______ to the following Bank: ______________________________


- The Title to the vehicle is currently held by ________________________


- The Vehicle is currently located at the following address: ___________________________


Signature of Titled Owner(s) ________________________ Date ___________


Signature of Authorized Dealer Personnel ________________________ Date _________

Remember…..If you sell your car yourself you don’t owe us anything...