Location: Granada, Spain

Partner Institution: University of Granada

Course Title: Internship Program in Companies (Programa de Prácticas en Empresas)

Instruction in: Spanish

Session: Semester only (Fall & Spring)

Contact Hours: 45 (*there is also a 120 hour option)

Semester credits: 3 credits
Quarter units:
 4.5 quarter units

Pre-Requisites: Students must place into Hispanic Studies (CEH), minimum Spanish level required is Level 7 (B2.2) on the Common European Framework

Course Code: INT 340

*The schedule for students who choose the 120 hour internship course will be the same as those who choose the 45 hour internship course. They will attend their internsip 2 mornings each week (cannot schedule classes these days). These mornings will be more intense for those choosing the 120 hour option as they will have to complete 11 hours each week during the Fall semester or 8.5 hours during the Spring semester. The 120 hour options carries an additional cost of $550. Please contact Sol Education Abroad in advance if you are interested in the option for increased hours.

The schedul for students who choose the 45 hour internship is 1 ½ hours per day for 2 days per week. It is usually set for Tuesday and Thursday mornings. However, it is possible it could be Monday and Wednesday mornings. Fridays are free.


The Internship Program for Exchange Students (PPEE) is aimed at university students and professionals interested in broadening their studies through professional internships in a wide range of institutions. The program takes place during our Fall & Spring semesters.

1) The Internship Program offers 4 options:

a) Business Internship: This is in cooperation with Andalucía Emprende, Fundación Pública Andaluza and the Centro de Lenguas Modernas (CLM). It applies only to the following students:

b) Educational Internship: It applies only to the following students:

c) Service Learning & Community Internship: It applies only to the following students:

d) Internships in Health Centers:

2) The Internship Program is equivalent to a 45 or 120 hour class and has the following structure:

The minimum number of students per group is 4 and maximum 13. Students will be accepted to participate in this program provided they have the approval of the Director's Office and sign their commitment to completing the program on enrolment.

Requirements & Process

The only requirement for the internship class is to have an appropriate level of Spanish. Those students who test at level 5 or or are able to choose the internships in Educational Institutions or Service Learning & Community. Students who test at level 7 or higher are able to be placed in any of the fouroptions. Interested students must submit via an email a résumé as part of their Sol Education Abroad paperwork. Once a student is selected for the internship class, the assigned university supervisor will select the institution where they will work. This is based off of the résumé, skills, level of Spanish, etc.

General Competencies

  1. Linguistic competence: To develop lexical, phonological and syntactic skills and knowledge through the texts reviewed and discussed during the program.
  2. Sociolinguistic competence: To work the student’s sensitivity towards social conventions and how they affect the use of the language from the texts worked
  3. Pragmatic competence: To capture the different uses of language through communication and apply them in the student’s use of Spanish.
  4. Reading competence: To develop in general the student’s reading comprehension from the texts from the literal and figurative standpoint.
  5. Intercultural competence: To become aware of cultural diversity through literary texts to approach the culture of the language being learned, establish bridges with that language, and enrich the student’s existential competence
  6. Educational competence: To become aware of one's own process of learning the Spanish language and place it in one’s own life-long learning process

Course Description

The Volunteer Development Internship Program is aimed at students and professionals interested in furthering their studies through the completion of a volunteer internship. Through this program students will become familiar with the function/organization of a business in Spain.

List of Placements

Below is a list of collaborating businesses in Granada. This list does change as the project coordinators search for placements that fit the distinct needs of the individual students (participants). Over time some placements are no longer available and new ones are added.

Course Evaluation

30% - Participation, support and attendance to seminars, and individual interviews. The aim is to motivate
          students to think, build arguments, discuss ideas with their peers and teacher, as well as use and
          practice the Spanish language.

30% - Report from external tutor regarding student’s performance at the educational institution.

40% - Oral & written exams

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