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Course Calendar for Client-side Web Design

COMP 424/388-3, Fall 2014 at Loyola University Chicago

Links to: Syllabus and the Grade sheet 

All future topics will always be tentative (except exams). Consult the Loyola Fall Academic Calendar for relevant registration, add/drop, and withdrawal dates.






Aug 28

Course introduction, brief intro to markup with HTML and CSS

Precourse quiz [pdf] (quizzes were not collected, no need to turn in)

Exploratory project brainstorming and Ad assignment [pdf]

Syllabus [gDoc], HTML Dog beginner and intermediate tutorials for HTML and CSS [link]

Sep 4

Content markup review HTML/CSS and details of HTML5

Quiz 1: HTML/CSS [sakai]

Select collaborative project teams (in class). Project proposal [pdf]

HTML5 [wiki], Dive into HTML5 [link - Chapts 2-3, 7-9]

Sep 11

Brief Javascript Introduction

Tools in Client-side Web Design (part 1) [slides]

Quiz 2: HTML5 [sakai]

Quiz 3: JavaScript [sakai]

Introduction to Objects I in Codecademy’s JavaScript tutorials [link]

Syntax primer [link]. Javascript for java programmers [link]

(optional: Mozilla guide chapts 4-8, skip 6)

Sep 18

JQuery. Tools in Client-side Web Design (part 2) [slides]

Quiz 4: jQuery [sakai]

HTML/CSS/JavaScript review assignment: Website checklist [gdoc]

jQuery fundamentals [link]. Sections: jQuery Basics, Traversing & Manipulating in detail. Skim Events and Effects sections. (AJAX will be covered later).

Sep 25

Client-side graphics using D3. Tools in Client-side Web Design (part 3) [slides]

Quiz 5: Graphics with D3 [sakai]

Form-filled force graph assignment [gdoc].

D3 overview, sec 1-4 [link] and D3 tutorials, sec 2-11 [link]. D3 codecademy tutorial [link] (optional: data visualization tools [link1], [link2])

Oct 2

AJAX using jQuery

Quiz 6: AJAX [sakai]

Exploratory project update [pdf]

jQuery fundamentals - AJAX [link]

Oct 9

CSS Preprocessors - (Sass/SCSS, LESS, Stylus).

Exploratory project updates. Exam prep

Quiz 7: CSS preprocessors [sakai]

Study guide [gDoc]. Last year’s exam [pdf]. Exploratory Project Presentation assignment (due in 2 weeks) [pdf]

Sass/LESS/Stylus comparison [link]. Reasons for CSS preprocessors [link].

Oct 16

EXAM (rescheduled)


Oct 23

Exploratory project presentations

Group evaluations (expected to be done in class) [pdf]

Final project brainstorming (individually) [pdf]

Oct 30

Responsive design using Bootstrap and jQuery Mobile. Exam review.

Quiz 8: jQuery mobile and Bootstrap [sakai]

Final project proposal [pdf]

Introductory tutorial for jQuery Mobile and the first 5 Bootstrap examples

Nov 6

Design and usability principles

Quiz 9: Design and usability principles [sakai]

jQuery mobile assignment [gDoc]

Lecture slides [pdf]. Source material from the US gov research-based web design and usability guidelines [pdf] or [html] - focusing on guidelines with importance of 4 or 5 [shortened PDF]

Nov 13


Quiz 10: AngularJS [sakai].

Exam II study guide [gDoc]

Read through the PhoneCat tutorial (skip testing sections)

AngularJS conceptual overview [link], Video: AngularJS fundamentals in 60-ish minutes (71 minutes)

Nov 20



Final presentation [pdf] and report assignments [pdf] for Dec 11th.

Interview quiz info for Dec 4th [gDoc]

Nov 27

NO CLASS. Have a happy thanksgiving!

Dec 4

Interview Quiz and concurrently working on projects

(please complete all sakai quizzes and check the grade sheet for any missing grades)

Dec 11

Final presentations