Self-Directed Learning Projection

What is your learning goal?

What subject strand are you wanting to become more knowledgeable about?

What related concept(s) are you inquiring into?

What 1-2 key concepts about your topic would you like to explore?

*What would you specifically like to learn about?

Form: What is it like?                    Connection: How is it connected to other things?

Function: How does it work?        Perspective: What are the points of view?

Causation: Why is it like it is?       Reflection: How do we know?

Change: How is it changing?        Responsibility: What is our responsibility?

What 1-2 questions would you like to inquire into?

*Remember to keep them conceptual by starting them with big, open-ended question words.

**Your questions should link into the key concepts you circled above.

How will you plan to investigate your curiosities?


-researching through texts, online subscriptions, databases, visual modes, etc.


-finding experts, preparing questions, recording responses


-determining survey participants, preparing questions, organizing responses, interpreting data


-evaluating who, what and where you will observe, recording evidence

Where will you record and organize your data, thinking and new learning? 

How are you planning on communicating your learning with others?

What will be the purpose of sharing with others

(to inform, to persuade, to entertain)?

How would you like to share out your learning with others so you can inspire and connect?