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ACMA Article on Complementary Medicine, Alternative Mental Health Web Site, Ameisen, Appleton,  Baden, Blake Graham, Blaylock, Russell, Bobrove,  Books on moods and Nutrition,  Brighthope, Brostoff J et als., Buckridge,  Buist, Burke, Clerc, Czap,Katherine,  Oliver, Cosford, Donohoe, Elstein, Enig and Fallon,  Fibromyalgia,  Fluhrer, French, Gammal,.  Gould,  Gyland, Stephen, Harley Dr Jay on Plesman Harnett, Hemat, RAS,  Hill, Idema, Lars, Jankelson, Koeman, Lakhan S,  Langer, Larsen HR, Levitt, Prof Joel, H Lew, Lewin,Jo. Linus Pauling Institute, Litchfield, Lustig, Mallia, Manocha, Mitchell-Paterson, Null. Gary,  Nutrition Abstracts, Osiecki, Pam Killeen, Pemberton, Platt, MD, Dr Michael, Plesman, Popper, Dr Pamela, Pottinger Cats, Prasad,  Priest,  Reading, Reams, Rendall, Viv,  Roberts, LC,  Ross, Julia,  Salesbury, Samra, Sayer Ji,  Schofield, Schultz, Seneff,  Smith, Stenlake, Stordy, Teitelbaum J, Tylee, Dr Peter, Vayda,,  Videos, Vieira, tKF, Volkow. Watson, Watts, Wellness, Mama,  Werbach, Dr MR, West, Paul, Wilson, Sarah, Wirz-Justice, Videos White, Young, Simon, Zoltan,

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See also: Research Evidence for Hypoglycemia and Index to Specific Topics for more research sources.



Alternative Medicine Now to be Recognised  by ACMA (Manly) —> page 2

Ameisen Dr Paul

Art of Breathing in Asthma and other … by Dr Paul Ameisen --> page 3

Leaky Gut Syndrome by Dr Paul Ameisen --> page 3 (candida)

Vitamin C Injections

Appleton, Nancy

146 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health

Baden ND, Daniel

Hepatitis C - A Naturopathic Approach by Daniel Baden ---> page 3

Free Radicals and Antioxidants by Daniel Baden ---> page 2

What’s new in Natural Medicine by Daniel Baden --> page 2

Blake Graham

Nutritional Healing web site

Bipolar Studies

Blaylock, Russell

Nutrition and Behavior by Russell Blaylock a video

Bobrove, Zac

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis by Zac Bobrove --> Page 10


Books on Mood disorders and Nutrition 

Brighthope Dr Ian

Aluminium Babies by Dr I Brighthope --> p7

Company Drug Pushers by Dr Ian Brighthope --> page 8

Nutritional Medicine - Its Presence and Power by Dr Ian Brighthope --> page 4

On Medical Journals at web site

Brostoff J, Waring RH, Lamson DW 

Autism Review  --> page 10

Buckridge. Ron

Thrown to the Wolves --> Page 14

Medication: Memory Loss Link? —> Page 7

The Politics of Dementia by Ron Buckridge  —> Page 3

Buist, Robert

Cholesterol Myth by Dr Robert Buist ---> page 6

Burke, Jennie

Thermography, Live Blood analysis by Jennie Burke --> page 3

Clerc, Oliver 

Medicine seen as Religion by Oliver Clerc

Cosford, Dr Robyn

Down’s Syndrome by Dr Robyn Cosford ---> page 3

Glyconutrients: Another Look at Sugars by Dr Robyn Cosford --> page 11

Hyperinsulinism, Hypoglycemia, Obesity and Diabetes by Dr Robyn Cosford --> page 2

Katherine Czapp

The History of How Wheat Became Toxic by Katherine Czapp —> Page 5

Donohoe, Dr Mark

Diagnosing and Managing Multiple Chemical Sensitivities by Dr Mark Donohoe page 2

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) by Dr Mark Donohoe ---> page 2 and here

The Possible Mix that makes up ME/CFS by Dr Mark Donohoe —> Page 8

Elstein, Dr Michael

How to survive till 2045 by Dr Michael Elstein --> Page 3

Enig,  Mary G and  Fallon, Sally (video)

The Oiling of America  Full article here.


Fluhrer, Dr Joachim

Chelation Therapy by Dr J Fluhrer --> page 3

Migraines and Headaches by Dr J Fluhrer ---> page 3

Natural Medicine: How to help cancer by Dr J Fluhrer --> p9

Oxygen Therapy by Dr Joachim Fluhrer ---> Page 2

French, Roger

Easing the fear of cancer Part I by Roger French  --> page 3

Easing the fear of cancer Part II by Roger French --> page 8

First and Last Diet Man's True Diet by Roger French --> p7

Understanding Toxaemia by Roger French --> page 3

Gammal, Dr Robert

Dental Causes of Systemic Disease by Dr Robert Gammal ---> page 2

Gould, Anna B

Red Meat, Colon Cancer and Yoghurt by Anne B Gould ---> page 5

Gyland, M.D, Stephen

Hypoglycemia and Depression

Harley, Dr Jay

On Plesman in “Where Two Ways Meet” History of Probation and Parole in NSW.

Harnett, Joanna

Childhood Nutrition by Joanna Harnett ---> page 2

Hemat, R.A.S

Statement in Principles of Orthomolecularism --> Page 38

(biological energy, ATP, Stress hormones, addiction)

Hill, Jane

Essential Fatty Acids - Their role in our Health and Well-being by Jane Hill ND BHth, Sc --> page 3

Idema, Lars

What is the Right Diet for Hypoglycemia   ----> Page 5

Jankelson, Dr Jeff

Syndrome X in Hypoglycemia (Metabolic Syndrome) by Dr Jeff Jankelson --> page 3

Killeen, Pam

Animal Fats are Essential to Overall Health Notes by J.Plesman from Pam Killeen

Pam Killeen interviews Plesman

Pam Killeen interview with Garth Riley

Pam Killeen: Addiction- The Hidden Epidemic (overview)

How to Fix a Broken Brain Pam Killeen Nov 11, 2012 (video)

Frequently asked Questions by Pam Killeen

Koeman, Melanie

Natural Approaches to Infertility and Reproduction by M. Koeman --> page 3

See also Fertility Testing for women

Lakhan, Shaheen, E and Karen F, Vieira.

Nutritional Therapies for Mental Disorders

Langer, Steven

Weight Loss and Nutrition by Steven Langer ---> page 8


Larsen, MSc ChE Hans R

Omega-3 Oils: Essential Nutrients by Hans R Larsen MSc ChE --> Page 6

Levitt, Prof Joel H

Conquering Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue without Drugs - The Role of Hypoglycemia by Prof Joel H Levitt

Lew, Theresa

We Need a Happy Liver by Therese Lew --> page 2

Jewin, Jo

Do You Have a Food Intolerance (allergies) by Jo Lewin —> Page 8

Linus Pauling Institute

Article on Metabolic Syndrome similar to Hypoglycemia (Syndrome X)

Basic Needs for Cognitive Performance

Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidant Vitamins by Balz Frei PhD.

Zinc, Information about zinc

Litchfield, Sue

Sue’s Cookbook

 Lustig MD, Dr H 

Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Dr H Lustig (video)

Mallia, Dr Jason

Cancer and Blood Types excerpts by Dr Jason Mallia ND IMD  ---> page 3

Manocha, Dr Manesh

Why Meditation by Dr Manesh Manocha --> page 3

Mitchell-Paterson, Teresa

Nutrients for the Brain by Teresa Mitchell-Paterson BHSc ---> page 2

Null, Gary

Death by Medicine by Gary Null

Drugging of our Children By Gary Null

on panic attacks

Hypoglycemia and how it affects the mind by Gary Null

Hypoglycemia explained by Gary Null

War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the FDA

Osiecki, Dr Henry

Intracellular Starvation: Hypertension, diabetes etc. by Henry Osiecki --> page 6

Pemberton, Don, Nutr Biochemist

The Organo Chlorine Debate By Don Pemberton --> 5

Preparing the Chemist for Environmental Issues ---> 9

Platt MD, Dr Michael.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - PMDD,

Plesman, Jurriaan BA (Psych), Post Grad Dip Clin Nutr

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        Always Discuss with your Doctor

Aborigines: Why the high rate of diabetes and addiction? Notes by Jur Plesman

ADHD Research notes by Jur Plesman

Alcoholism (Addiction) is a Treatable Disease by Jurriaan Plesman

        See also: Why Alcoholics drink below

Alopecia and Other Skin conditions. Notes by Jur Plesman

Alpha Lipoic Acid Research Notes by Jur Plesman

Alternative Treatment for Mood Disorders By Jurriaan Plesman

Alzheimer's Disease and Nutrition Notes by Jur Plesman

Aneurysms and Natural Treatments by Jur Plesman

Anger Management: Nutrition and Psychotherapy By Jurriaan Plesman

Anorexia and Bulimia - New Treatment by Jur Plesman --> page 8

        See also Eating disorders below

Antidepressant Medications are ineffective by Jurriaan Plesman

Anxiety, Gambling, and Phobia by Jurriaan Plesman

Anxiety and the Autonomic Nervous System by Jurriaan Plesman

Arthritis: Diseases of Bones by Jurriaan Plesman --> Page 5

Arthritis, Bone Diseases, Cartilage degradation  and Osteoarthritis Research by Jurriaan Plesman

Arthritis, Herb, for Notes by Jurriaan Plesman

Assertiveness Training by Jurriaan Plesman

Assumptions in Psychotherapy by Jurriaan Plesman

Atherosclerosis and Hypoglycemia Notes by Jur Plesman

Atrial Fibrillation Research notes by Jur Plesman

ATP, Its role on Mood Disorders and see “Energy Requirement of a Cell”

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity (ADHD) linked to Hypoglycemia

Autism, research into notes by Jur Plesman

        and here

Basal Temperature Test or Hypothyroidism

Beating Anxiety and Phobias by Jurriaan Plesman. See also Newsletter --> Page 6

Biochemistry of Insomnia By Jurriaan Plesman

Bipolar Disorder notes by Jurriaan Plesman

Bipolar Disorder, Research into notes by Jur Plesman

Bipolar Disorders by Blake Williams Notes by Jur Plesman

BSL converter in diabetes:

Bone Diseases, Cartilage degradation and osteoarthritis  Research Notes by Jur Plesman

BOOK NOTES (Some references from books on Nutrition) by Jur Plesman

Brain Cancer - Glioblastoma, Research notes by Jur Plesman

Brain Sugar Connection

BSL Converter

Bullying - How can we stop it?

Cancer research

Carbohydrates, Hypoglycemia and Obesity by J. Plesman --> page 9

Cataracts, Research into by Jur Plesman

Communication and Counselling by Jurriaan Plesman

Complementary Medicine by Jurriaan Plesman

Creation of a new profession: Nutritional Psychotherapy by Jurriaan Plesman 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Jurriaan Plesman ➔ (Adrenal Exhaustion)

The Connection between Depression, Addiction & Hypoglycemia by Jurriaan Plesman

Copper/Zinc Balance Notes by Jur Plesman

Counseling in “Getting off the Hook” in book page 100

Craving for Drugs can be Ameliorated with Glycerine

Creation of a Nutritional Psychotherapy course by Jurriaan Plesman

Crime Pays by Jurriaan Plesman

Crises as Teachers of Life (book)

Dandelion, Research notes


Dementia ➔ Alzheimer’s Disease above

Depression: A Disease of Energy Production by Jurriaan Plesman

        also in Hypoglycemic Newsletter  --> Page 5

Depression: A Nutritional Disorder by Jurriaan Plesman

Depression and Hypoglycemia, Notes on by Jur Plesman

Depression and Insulin Resistance

Depression & Nutrition Studies abstracts

Domestic Violence and Violence in General: Treatment options: by Jur Plesman

Domestic Violence - What can we do? Notes by Jur Plesman

Domestic Violence - Reconstructing one’s Personality by Jur Plesman

Dream Recall Failure to Vitamin B6 deficiency by Jurriaan Plesman

Drug Addiction is a Nutritional Disorder by Jurriaan Plesman

Drug Companies are a Major Cause of Treatment Resistant Depression by Jur Plesman

Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia by Jurriaan Plesman

Empathy and Parroting explained

Encountering in book Getting off he Hook

Energy requirement of a cell

Enzyme therapy considered for schizophrenics (book)

Epilepsy Notes by Jur Plesman

Facebook Mental Illness and Nutritional Treatment

Fallacious Arguments against Nutritional Psychotherapy by Jurriaan Plesman

Fenugreek for Hypoglycemic and Diabetics by Jur Plesman ---> page 9

Finding Your Allergies by Jurriaan Plesman

Food allergies, Common  ---> page 4

Food Values in mgs per 100 g

The Forgotten Factors in the Crime Debate by Jurriaan Plesman

Gambling and its Nutritional Treatment by Jurriaan Plesman

Gastrointestinal Disorders , Research into by Jur Plesman

General Approach to Self-Help Psychonutritional Therapy by Jur Plesman

Getting off the Hook (book) by Jurriaan Plesman and index

Glaucoma, Research into notes by Jur Plesman


Glucose: The brain's dependence of glucose


Glycemic Index

Glycerine  and How Glycerin or Glycerol enters Glycolysis image 


Golden Staph (MRSA) Possible Treatments  and Notes by Jur Plesman

Gout, Research into herbal treatments by Jur Plesman

         and Gout, Notes on by Jur Plesman

Heart Disease Research by Jur Plesman

Heavy Metals Notes by Jurriaan Plesman

Haemorrhoids by Jur Plesman ---> Page 11

Helicobacter Pylori, Notes by Jurriaan Plesman

Hematuria notes by Jur Plesman

Herbal Medicine and Natural Therapies By Jur Plesman

Herbal Remedies in general.

Herbal Remedies for Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Herbal Remedies for Mood Disorders by Jurriaan Plesman

Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss  Notes by Jur Plesman

Herbs for Pain Relief Notes by Jur Plesman

Herpes Infection by Jur Plesman ---> page 5

High Density Food Source Essential, The need for, by Jurriaan Plesman

Highest Food Values Percentages (Sources in %s) by Jurriaan Plesman

Hit or Miss Supplements for Depression by Jurriaan Plesman

Honey, Research Notes by Jur Plesman

How groups were run (book)

How to Grow Stevia by Jurriaan Plesman ---> Page 4

How to Improve One's Self-Image by Jurriaan Plesman

How to prevent PTSD in the army by Jur Plesman

How Hypoglycemia can cause the overproduction of stress hormones

Hydrochloric Acid test in Stomach

Hyperinsulinism explained

Hypochondria and Hypoglycemia by Jurriaan Plesman

Hypoglycemia and Atherosclerosis by Jur Plesman ---> page 6

Hypoglycemia and Essential Fatty Acids by J. Plesman ---> page 7

Hypoglycemia at the Core of Most Mood Disorders by Jurriaan Plesman

Hypoglycemia --> insulin resistance ---> biological energy (ATP), ---> depression ---> obesity

Hypoglycemia: Its causes

Hypoglycemia: Its definition

Hypoglycemic Diet by Jurriaan Plesman

Hypoglycemia - Is It a 'Cure-All' for Mental Illness? by Jurriaan Plesman

Hypoglycemia Stats

Hypoglycia and here.

        and Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Hypoglycia Notes by Jurriaan Plesman

I am Right Position in Book at Page 63

Imaginal Desensitization

Index to “Getting off the Hook”  (Contents) (Foreword)

Index to Specific Topics by Jurriaan Plesman

Insomnia ➔ Sleeping Tablets Below.

Insulin Resistance and Obesity Controversy

Insulinoma research notes by Jur Plesman

Interdependence of nutrients

Juice Therapy

Justice Trap described in my book

Kidney Diseases Research Notes by Jur Plesman

Lecithin in Bipolar Disorder

Lighting and Behaviour and in Research and at Wirz-Justice below.

Lithium and Bipolar Disorder Notes by Jur Plesman

Liver diseases, research into in Index

Lupus Erythematosus (Systemic) by Jur Plesman --> page 8

Macular Degeneration notes by Jur Plesman

Manipulation (in book)

Medicine, The Future

Melanoma Research Notes 1

Melanoma Notes 1A

Melanoma Research Notes 2

Melanoma Research Notes 3

        and see  Rigvir virus below

Meniere's Disease by Jur Plesman  ---> page 7

Mental Illness a Disease of Delusions by Jurriaan Plesman

Mental Illness and Nutritional Treatment Facebook

Mental Illness in The Workplace Notes by Jur Plesman

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSN) Sulphur

Microbiome - Research

Migraines and Headaches Notes by Jur Plesman

Motivational Test in Book

MRSA & Golden Staph Treatment Notes by Jur Plesman

Multiple Sclerosis - Notes by J.Plesman

        and here

My Career as a Nutritional Psychotherapist by Jurriaan Plesman

My Personal History as a Nutritional Psychotherapist by Jurriaan Plesman

My Profile

Natural Cholesterol Lowering Remedies by Jurriaan Plesman

Natural ways of reducing cholesterol Notes by Jurriaan Plesman

Nephritis, Kidney Disease, Research into notes by Jur Plesman

Negative Emotive Terms (book)

Neurolinguistic Programming in Book

Niacin, Why some people need high doses (book)

Nutrition against Pandemic Flu by Jurriaan Plesman

Nutritional Aspects of Depression: An Update by Jurriaan Plesman also HYPONL at page 6

Nutritional Aspects of Blushing and PDF article by Jur Plesman

Nutritional Aspects of Schizophrenia by Jurriaan Plesman ---> page 7

Nutritional Psychotherapist - My Personal History with as 

Nutrients against Drugs and Alcohol --> Page 2

Obesity Controversy

Obesity and depression By Jurriaan Plesman

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Nutrition by Jurriaan Plesman and here


On Being Assertive by Jurriaan Plesman and in book

Organic Sulphur or Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) Notes By Jur Plesman

Osteoarthritis notes on by Jur Plesman

Pain, Management of Chronic Pain by Jurriaan Plesman

        and Notes on Pain Management

Painkillers: are they addictive?

Pam Killeen interviews Plesman

Pancreatitis Research Notes by Jur Plesman

Parent Ego the source of our problems (book)

Perfectionism discussed in Getting off the Hook

Personality of the Counsellor (book)

Plesman Section in "Where Two Ways Meet" by Dr Jay Harley

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hypoglycemia Notes by Jur Plesman

Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis by Jurriaan Plesman go to  page 7

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) How to prevent it by Jurriaan Plesman

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Hypoglycemia by Jurriaan Plesman

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): A Disease of Body and Mind by Jurriaan Plesman

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Research)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis by Jurriaan Plesman go to  page 7

Positive Ego Training Program (book)

Potassium- Sodium Ratio

Principles of Psychonutritional Therapy By Jurriaan Plesman

Prison Studies

Prostate Cancer Notes by Jur Plesman

Prostate Cancer and Supplements  - Notes by Jur Plesman

Psychological Projection and Hypoglycemia By Jurriaan Plesman

Psychonutritional Therapy - General Approach

Psychotherapy Course (Nine weeks course) By Jurriaan Plesman

        and here and

Psychotherapy is Ineffective by Jurriaan Plesman

PTSD associated with Insulin Resistance Google Scholar

Pyramid of Communication

Pyroluria Notes by Jur Plesman

Question and Answers on Mental Illness by Jur Plesman HYPONL 2004.03pdf Page 4

Rational Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, What is - by Jur Plesman

References for Mood Disorders and Nutrition by Jurriaan Plesman

Relaxation Therapy by Jurriaan Plesman

Research Evidence for Hypoglycemia by Jurriaan Plesman

Research on Lithium & Bipolar Disorder notes by Jurriaan Plesman

Restless Leg Syndrome notes ny Jur Plesman

Rich Sources of Nutrients by Jurriaan Plesman

Riga Virus against  cancer, Research into by Jur Plesman

Romantic Rejection: Trigger for Depression By Jurriaan Plesman

SAM-e (S-Adenosyl-Mehionine)

Saturated Fats are Healthy Notes by Jur Plesman

        and some Research Notes by Jur Plesman

Schizophrenia discussed in book

Schizophrenia, Nutritional Aspects, Page 7

Schizophrenia Research into notes by Jur Plesman

        and here

Scientific Method by Jur Plesman --> page 5

Self-Harming Why? by Jur Plesman

Self-Help Web Site for Personal Growth by Jurriaan Plesman

Serotonin Connection By Jurriaan Pesman

Sexual abuse and treatment by Jurriaan Plesman

Sexual Offences and Mood Disorders Note by Jur Plesman

Side Effects of Medical Drugs by Jur Plesman  ---> page 5

Silent Diseases and Mood Disorders by Jurriaan Plesman

Silicon and Bone Health Notes by Jur Plesman

Simple Dietary Rules by Jurriaan Plesman

Skin Cancers by Jur Plesman ---> page 5

Sleeping Tablets and its Alternative by Jurriaan Plesman

Stevia: How to grow it? Hypo Newsletter 2000.09 Page 4

Stress Symptoms caused by excess stress hormones

Studies on Depression and Insulin Resistance

Studies on Tryptophan, Notes by J.Plesman

Sugar Consumption, Results of excessive 

Sugar Craving: a Disease of Energy Production by Jurriaan Plesman

Summary of Psychotherapy Course by Jurriaan Plesman

Symptoms caused by excess stress hormones

Systematic Desensitization

Testing for Hypoglycemia, by Jurriaan Plesman


Transactional Analysis by Jurriaan Plesman

Transference in Counselling by Jur Plesman

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder by Jurriaan Plesman

Treatment of a Low Self-Esteem by Jurriaan Plesman

Treatment of Anxiety, Gambling and Phobias by Jurriaan Plesman --> Page 6

        and here at web site

Treatment of Depression

Treatment of Drug Addiction by Jurriaan Plesman

Treatment protocol summary 

Tryptophan, The role

Tryptophan Research Notes by Jur Plesman

The Forgotten factor in the Crime Debate by Jurriaan Plesman

Values Clarification by Jurriaan Plesman and in book.

Vitamin D & Hypoglycemia

Violence, hypoglycemia, Adrenaline explained in book

W Questions in book

Werkplaats, Progressive Education by Jurriaan Plesman

What causes People to become addicted to Drugs? by Jurriaan Plesman

What is Hypoglycemia?  By Jurriaan Plesman

What is RCBT? A short interpretation By Jurriaan Plesman

What is Transactional Analysis

Why Alcoholics Drink by Jurriaan Plesman

Why Addiction to Marijuana? by Jurriaan Plesman

Why Do We Have Anxiety Attacks? By Jurriaan Plesman

Withdrawing from drugs

Withdrawing from drugs with vitamin C (book)

Wooden Leg Argument (book)

Yes But argument (book)

Zinc Deficiency and Diabetes II Notes by Jur Plesman

Popper, Dr Pamela

The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging by Dr Pamela Popper a video

Prasad, Rama

Ayurvedic Medicine by Rama Prasad ---> page 3

Priest, Anna

Link between Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Parasites by Anna Priest --> page 1

Reading, Dr Chris

Advances in Nutritional Psychiatry By Dr Chris Reading and edited by Dr George Samra --> Page 3

Advances in Orthomolecular Psychiatry by Dr Chris Reading --> page 2

Alzheimer’s Disease, an article by Dr Chris Reading

Genetics, A Crash Course in, by Dr Chris Reading and here ---> page 4

Mentally Ill or Metabolically Disadvantaged by Dr Chris Reading --> page 3

Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis/Schizophrenia Connection by Dr Chris Reading --> page 5

Reams, Donna L

Hypoglycemia And Psychology by Donna L Reams  --> page 3

Rendall Viv

Nutrition in Schizophrenia by Viv Rendall  → Page 2

Roberts, L.C. 

Hangovers: 11 interesting facts by LC Roberts --> Page 5

Roe, DA

Drugs causing Nutrient Deficiencies by DA Roe ---> page 9

Ross, Julia

Depression by Julia Ross  a Video at YouTube

Salesbury, Hugh

Keeping an Eye on your Health by Hugh Salesbury  ---> page 2

Samra, Dr George

10 Tips for Socialising by Dr George Samra ➜ Page 6

Allergies: The Food and Disease Paradigm by Dr George Samra

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction and Shoplifting discussed by Dr George Samra

Beating Fatigue and Diseases of Aging by Dr George Samra --> page 2

Blood Sugar Management in Menopause By Dr George Samra --> page 3

Diet, Crime and Delinquency Dr George Samra go to page 7

Dr Samra's books

Exploring the Mysteries of the Small Intestine by Dr George Samra, —> Page 2

Fit for Life: Life-Time Remedies by Dr George Samra --> page 2

Future of Medicine: Know your own Genome - Fighting Disease with Nutritional Medicine By Dr George Samra --> page 5

Glycemic Index may be flawed by Dr George Samra

Glycerine by Dr George Samra

Healthy Hearts and Hypoglycemia by Dr George Samra ---> page 3

Hormones that Affect Energy and Moods by Dr George Samra --> page 3

How to Prevent Diabetes by Dr George Samra --> page 3

How 'Leaky Gut' can cause Multiple Food Allergies and its Treatment by Dr George Samra ---> Page 4

Hyperactivity: Hyperactive Child Syndrome…. by Dr George Samra ---> page 2

Hypoglycemia- Back to basics by Dr George Samra --> page 3

Hypoglycemia: A Forgotten Disease by Dr George Samra  --> page 6

Managing Hypoglycemia in the Workplace By Dr George Samra -->p4

New Hypoglycemic Connection, Roles of Hormones by Dr George Samra -->  page 3

New Theories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Dr George Samra --> page 2

Nutritional Management of Disorders of the Nervous System by Dr George Samra -> page 3

Preventing Diabetes by Dr George Samra ---> page 2

Testing for Hypoglycemia By Dr George Samra

Video by Dr George Samra on Allergies

Video by Dr George Samra on Hypoglycemia

What’s New in Fatigue Therapy and Treatment of Arthritis by Dr George Samra --> page 2

You are What you eat: Arthritis and Osteoporosis by Dr George Samra ---> page 3

Sayer Ji

Dark Side of Wheat

Seneff, Dr Stephanie

Sulphur and Cardiovascular Disease Interview of  Dr Stephanie Seneff by Dr Joseph Mercola

(Vitamin D, MSM)

Schofield, Dr Gary

Hypoglycemia, I hate my… by Dr Gary Schofield --> page 2

Schultz, Dorothy

Allergies, Intolerance, Sensitivity by Dorothy Schultz --> page 8

Smith, Dr Lendon

ADHD and ADD, The Hyperactive Child by Dr Lendon H Smith --> page 7


Stenlake, Richard (Compounding Chemist)

Diabetic Neuropathy by Richard Stenlake (Compounding Chemist) --> page 7

Troches by Richard Stenlake B Pharm. MPS  ---> page 5

Stordy, Dr Jacqueline

Dyslexia, ADD, Dyspraxia, Fatty Acid by Dr Jacqueline Stordy --> page 7

Teitelbaum, DR Jacob

Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome by Jacob Teitelbaum

Tylee, Dr Peter

Overcoming Autism by Dr Peter Tylee

Vayda, William

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Is environment making you ill? By William Vayda -- page 3


Video by Dr George Samra on Allergies

On Hypoglycemia by Dr George Samra

Depression by Julia Ross 

How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child

Nutrition and Behavior by Russell Blaylock a video

Sugar: The Bitter Truth (video) by Lustig

The Oiling of America  Full article here.

The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

PTSD: the 6 Senses of PTSD: Part1

Volkow, Dr Nora

Brains Shows Ability to Recover from Methamphetamine damage (in about nine months)

Watson, Dr Katrina

Holistic Management of Menopause and PMS by Dr Katrina Watson --> Page 2

Watts, Dr David

Hypoglycemia - Type 1 and Type 2 (fast and slow metabolizers) by Dr David Watts ---> p8

Wellness, Mama

Prevent Heart Disease - Eat more Cholesterol Wellness Mama notes By J.Plesman

Werbach Dr MR

Bipolar Disorder Overview by MR Werbach

Nutritional Influences on Aggressive Behavior 

Schizophrenia Overview by MR Werbach

Paul West

How to Make a Natural Pesticide by Paul West —> Page 9

White, Ian

Australian Bush flower Essences by Ian White --> p5

Wilson, Sarah

Latest Health Obsession: Gelatin by Sarah Wilson — Page 3

Wirz-Justice, Anna PhD

Chronobiology and Mood Disorders  by Anna Wirz-Justice PhD

(Circadian Clock, Clock Gene, Mood swings, Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, sleep deprivation, depression, time zones, influence of light, lighting and behaviour by Plesman above, orange glasses).  See also: How artificial light is wrecking your sleep, and what to do about it, by Chris Kressler L.Ac and here.

Young, Simon N

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Altered Immunity & The Leaky Gut Syndrome by Zoltan PR et als. --> page 7

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