Resource Shares for the #TeacherFriends Twitter Chat

April 5, 2016

Hello All!

Thanks for joining us to talk more about Math Strategies and Solutions during the #TeacherFriends Twitter Chat! We’ve created this document to be a “living resource”. Please add any ideas or activities you’d like to share with others. We love learning and adding to our instructional tool boxes!

If you have any questions about the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge (#gmttc), please feel free to tweet us! We’d love to help you join in connecting your students to break down the walls of your classroom.

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Math Jokes:

Favorite Math Snippet from Bored Shorts TV

A1: “Go To” Math Strategies:

*Count by multiples as we line up, as we wait for people to get papers ready, as a game of “Sparkle, Zap Math” to help understand multiplication for each number.

                Free Download:

*Line up by Prime or Composite numbers

*Draw diagrams/models for math tasks- use Visualization of what the problem is asking using:

        Bar Diagrams

        Part/Part Whole

*Problem Solving Strategies

*Using arrays to help see composite and prime numbers

*Open number line

Treasured Resources:

* One of the best web resources I’ve found for ideas and activities for Math


*Howard County has some fabulous resources wikis for each of the grade levels in math.

* LearnZillion has dozens of instructional videos on both math and language arts topics.

* Math Worksheets Land provides free lessons and worksheets for many math concepts.

* Common Core Sheets has premade worksheets for many math concepts that can be printed out or completed online.

* has wonderful activities and ideas for each grade level

*Heidi created a math share blog with resources for Number Talks

*Math Antics

Many of their videos are available on YouTube also.

Hardest Math Topics to Find Resources for…

Elapsed Time Rulers:

Looking for resources that are research-based for RTI? Here’s a website with tons of shares…

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.24.00 PM.png


* Biggest project this year has been participation in the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge

Technology Shares:

* If you’re an iPad owner or have iPads in your classroom, Kami Butterfield it “da bomb” at sharing engaging and effective apps to use in your classroom for both math and language arts.

You can catch her periscopes on Saturday mornings at 10 or replays on

Here’s her “ecard”...

Monster Math

Math Speed Drill

Sushi Monster

Need to create various types of graphs? Try Create a Graph

The Math Learning Center has several free apps that can be used on different devices.