Sketches: $11 USD

Lineart: $20 USD

Lineart + Flat Color: $25 USD

Flat Paint: $37 USD

Lineart + Cel-Shading: $32 USD

Painted Shading (w/ or w/o Lineart): $42 USD

Backgrounds: Additional ≥$10 USD, depending on complexity.  No cost for very simple back ground color.

Additional Characters: 50% Base Price Per Additional Character (before including background price).  Smaller creatures/characters such as pets are 25% Base Price.

Overly-Detailed/Overly-Complicated Characters: Extra Charge depending on level of complexity (send a message for more details)

Reference Sheets: Negotiable, but will typically start at $60 USD, greater cost depending on complexity (message me for more details).

Terms of Service

What I can do:

  • Males
  • Females
  • Humans
  • Anthros
  • Pokemon/Pokemorphs/Digimon/any other “collectible monster genre”
  • Humanoid Species not based on animals (demons, aliens, orcs, etc.)
  • Fan Characters
  • FanArt
  • Roleplaying/Dungeons & Dragons/MMO OCs
  • Minimal blood and violence
  • Pairings (M/F, M/M, and F/F)


  • Anything related to real-world politics (including satire)
  • Watersports
  • Scat/Diaper Fetish
  • Vore
  • Hyper
  • Futa/C-Boy
  • Macro/Micro
  • TF (drawing your character as a different species is permitted, but I cannot do Transformation Sequences/Mid-Transformation)
  • Cub/Pedophilia/Jailbait (this includes “Legal Jailbait”, i.e. a character that is otherwise of legal age but looks underaged.) (Legal age of consent in the U.S. is 18.  I will not go by the legal age of consent of other countries.)
  • Latex (including Latex Transformation)
  • Incest
  • Humanoid-on-Feral
  • Taur (this may change in the future depending on my confidence in drawing such)
  • Necrophilia (Undead characters such as vampires and ghosts are allowed)
  • Guro/(Excessive) Gore and violence (this includes death, dismemberment and disembowelment)
  • Hardcore BDSM/Asphyxiation/Crushing (Light-to-moderate bondage is acceptable)
  • Adult Works involving certain characters that I own (I will let you know if a character of mine is off-limits to be drawn in such a way)

All payments must be paid via PayPal.  Do NOT send your payment before I accept your request.

When sending payment through PayPal

  • Choose Paying for Goods or Services when you are asked what you are paying for.
  • Choose No Address Needed from the address field if your Commission does not require shipping.
  • In the Add a note area, leave a brief description of what you are paying for. Example: Regular icon for Jimmy Jim James.                         

I will NOT work for DeviantArt Points or any other form of “digital currency”

I reserve the right to decline any request that I cannot or will not draw.

Commissioners are permitted two (2) low-resolution previews (no greater than 1024x1024 pixels) of their request during the “sketch” phase of the commission (unless the commission in question is a sketch).  Commissioners are free to make suggestions during these “Preview Periods” as to what can be added or altered to the final overall request.  Further revisions cannot be made after  the “sketch” phase is over. No revisions will be offered after the work is completed and business is concluded.

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