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Company Overview

Bread + Salt Hospitality handles their own public relations, doing their best to tell timely, engaging, and hopefully important, stories about Juliet and their company. We appreciate incalculably your interest in our efforts and endeavors, apologize for any delay in response (we might be in the kitchen!), and value immensely our cooperation with the media as we build our small company and share our passion with the community.

Inquiries should be directed to Josh at

Bread + Salt Hospitality (BSH) is a Greater Boston based restaurant and hospitality company by Joshua Lewin and Katrina Jazayeri. Currently operating Juliet, in Somerville’s rapidly growing Union Square, BSH has also operated and produced pop up dining events all over the Boston area as well as in Manhattan and Chicago.

Before building Juliet, BSH spearheaded the now trendy “temporary restaurant” operating long term but for a fixed length of time. BSH also consulted on the development and managed the initial operations of award winning pop up event Kitchen Kibitz.

The first production by BSH, Bread + Salt at Wink + Nod was a high end destination cocktail bar operating for seven months in Boston’s South End. With this project BSH laid the groundwork for what would become a restaurant incubator, paving the way for young chefs and companies to introduce themselves to the Boston dining public.

To follow up the success of Bread + Salt at Wink + Nod, BSH introduced Gitana, a restaurant inspired by Seville and Barcelona. Gitana ran for two months in Somerville, operating out of a community focussed lounge and music venue, helping to introduce BSH to their neighbors in the city where they would next build Juliet.

BSH celebrates cuisine and service in a way that tells a story about the individuals providing it and involves the guests enjoying it in a kind of interactive theater. Committed to building good jobs in a supportive and career oriented workplace, BSH demands a high level of performance from their staff and delivers an excellent service to their guests. BSH restaurants, singular in the Boston area, operate without accepting tips and instead pay living wages to all staff including profit sharing incentives.

In addition to daily operations at Juliet, BSH, through Josh and Katrina, is deeply involved in the community where they live and operate, promoting and supporting initiatives related to career mentorship, education, worker’s rights, workplace diversity, and other opportunities for the development of strong communities.

Josh serves as a mentor for the Somerville Arts Council’s Nibble program, assisting immigrant residents gain a foothold in the business of food service entrepreneurship.


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Home of Somerville's Most Unique Dining Experience
as well as Juliet Cafe and Romeo's At Juliet.

Gratuity free dining. Living Wages.
Great food. Great jobs. Great company.

Wednesday - Sunday
Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Brunch.
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Juliet, the first permanent restaurant by BSH, exists in the space formerly occupied by Sherman Cafe, an independent coffee shop favorited for years by Katrina and Josh. The small (less than 1,000 square foot) restaurant was designed by Katrina to be a showcase for the couple’s favorite things. The wide open floorplan virtually eliminates all separation between staff and guests with the kitchen taking up the majority of the space at the center of the room. Katrina’s curated wine and beverage program, spanning beer and classic leaning cocktails, offer tastes of the familiar alongside opportunities to try something new and unexpected. Josh’s menus carry on this tradition by offering a peek into the whims, histories, training, and personal proclivities developed throughout his life and career. Celebrating a collaborative environment, Katrina’s influence is felt throughout the changing menus as much as Josh’s in the style of service and design.

A Tale Of Two Juliets, and a Romeo:

Juliet operates as a casual café for breakfast and lunch Wednesday through Friday and weekend brunch. Juliet transforms into a full service dining experience, serving themed tasting  menus accompanied often by poems or essays by Josh and illustrations as well as dynamic design and service elements by Katrina.

Dinner at Juliet is an immersive performance, like being invited to a dinner party thrown by a couple of very talented and hardworking craftspeople who really just want to treat you as friends. The menu and details of the service are planned and choreographed as a show, where the diner sits center stage and enjoys the story that Josh and Katrina have to tell.

Once a week, on Sunday evenings, the team at Juliet reinvent themselves once again as Romeo’s. Romeo’s serves handmade pastas and other classic and modern Italian specialties, relaxing just a little bit for Sunday Supper.

Juliet tells the story of Lewin and Jazayeri connecting with their neighbors through excellence in the craft of cooking and service reimagined as storytelling, and through the careful development of meaningful careers for all staff.

Prices at Juliet are inclusive of service; no gratuity is expected. Staff are paid a living wage above state minimums and participate in a profit sharing program facilitated through the application of Open Book Management.

Awards, Accolades, and Reviews

⟡         Bon Appétit, Best New Restaurants in America 2016

⟡         Boston Magazine, Best New Restaurants 2016

⟡         Improper Bostonian, Boston’s Best Breakfast 2016

⟡         Eater Boston, Restaurant of the Year 2016

⟡         Thrillist, Boston's Best New Restaurants 2016

⟡         Eater Young Guns (National), Katrina Jazayeri, 2016

Boston Globe Review_Photo by Lane Turner062016FOODxxjazayeri26.jpg

Boston Globe Photo: Lane Turner

Boston Globe, “Union Square restaurant Juliet is a jewel box filled with surprises” July 2016

“... a lot of technique that manages not to be show-offy, or even obvious, except that it makes things irresistible.”

Boston Magazine_juliet-somerville-review-3.jpg

 Boston Magazine Photo: Jim Brueckner

Improper_Photo by Nicole Popma.jpg

Improper Bostonian Photo: Nicole Popma

Improper Bostonian, “Arise, Fair Sun: Juliet elevates the neighborhood restaurant into something special” May 2016

“... beneath Juliet’s sunny, unpretentious facade lies some extraordinary sourcing underpinned by a boatload of refined technique.” 

Boston Magazine, Restaurant Review: Juliet in Somerville, September 2016

“Juliet has the ambition and skill of a destination restaurant.”

“Juliet is almost a dream restaurant.”

Katrina Jazayeri and Joshua Lewin

Chef Joshua Lewin explores food as a form of storytelling that transcends cultural differences and transforms strangers into friends. As Executive Chef and Owner of BSH, Lewin explores a wide range of themes and interests shaped by his personal encounters with hospitality and cuisine around the world. At the heart of his work is a belief in the power of a shared meal to bring people together to remember and create memories.

He was exposed to food service from a young age, growing his own food in his family’s garden in his early teens and eventually working on a dairy farm a few years later, as well as working in restaurant kitchens as a dishwasher and line cook while still in high school. Never one for singular interests, Josh was a valuable member of the high school wrestling team and boxing club and published his own alternative newspaper, Message From the Homeland when he grew dissatisfied with the direction of the school sponsored newspaper.  But Lewin’s culinary career only fully took shape after completing a post 9/11 period of service with the United States Marine Corps.

Back in Boston, Lewin embarked on a culinary education, working as a stagière and on the line in top Boston kitchens including No. 9 Park, Craigie on Main, Clio, and Uni Sashimi Bar, and further afield at Charlie Trotter’s and Momofuku Noodle Bar. In 2010, he began working at Beacon Hill Bistro as sous chef, where under Chef Jason Bond, Lewin refined his classical French technique and learned about butchery, foraging, and truly seasonal cooking.

Promoted to executive chef when Bond left to open his restaurant Bondir, Lewin brought a new vision to the beloved bistro, earning critical praise from The Boston Globe, Boston magazine, and others. He also began exploring the possibilities of his craft in the tiny basement kitchen, crafting the small surprises that have become his signature.

In 2014, Lewin decided to leave Beacon Hill Bistro to further develop his own highly personal style of cooking and service informed by personal experience and travel. He took the opportunity to update his skills with time in the kitchens of Vikram Sunderam (Rasika, James Beard Award Winner) and Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn [two Michelin stars], Petit Crenn). Under the name Bread + Salt Hospitality, Lewin and his partner Katrina Jazayeri began hosting temporary dining events that explored a wide range of culinary themes before eventually building their first restaurant, Juliet, in the neighborhood where they live.

Lewin dedicates his efforts to a number of sustainability and education initiatives, including City Sprouts, Future Chefs, and Chefs Collaborative, and is a member of culinary organizations including the Butcher’s Guild, Slow Food USA, the Southern Foodways Alliance, and the James Beard Foundation. Lewin serves as a mentor for the Somerville Arts Council’s Nibble entrepreneurship program, connecting immigrant residents with the resources they need to build entrepreneurial careers in food service. He is also actively involved with the Marine Corps League and Ground Operations, a social action group that connects veterans with careers in agriculture. Actively involved in promoting both physical and mental health and wellness among restaurant industry workers, Lewin is also a competitive runner and sometimes boxer.

Lewin has cooked at the James Beard House several times, and was named a Zagat  “30 Under 30” award winner in 2013. His writing and recipes have been featured in Food A
rts, Eater Boston, Edible Boston, Remedy Quarterly, Chefs Feed, and the Huffington Post as well as various literary and news publications for short stories, personal essay, poetry, and opinion writing.  When he is not working in the kitchen at Juliet —named one of Bon Appetit Magazine’s best 50 new restaurants in the country, Eater Boston’s Restaurant Of The Year, and The Boston Globe’s Best Of The New —Lewin enjoys writing, learning new languages, attempting to grow heirloom herbs in his garden at home, and lots of running.


Born in Queens, New York and raised in Austin, Texas Katrina Jazayeri grew up surrounded by the romanticism of food.

With an Iranian father and an American mother brought together by food, she saw firsthand its power to create relationships, memories, and lasting connections.

Her parents met while working together in a restaurant and often told stories about mixing caesar salads and steak tartare tableside, painting a picture of classic service and black tie waiters along with the notion of camaraderie within the industry. Frequent dinner parties solidified their status as the ultimate hosts, further exposing Katrina to a spirit of hospitality at an  early age.

Despite this influence, Katrina moved across the country to study engineering, and later, health care inequalities at the University of California Santa Cruz. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in social justice.

While working with public health non-profit organizations, it became clear just how important food and economic opportunity are to overall health and wellbeing. Katrina has combined childhood memories with her education and postgraduate experience to create a career in food with a positive community influence.

In 2012, Katrina returned to the East Coast and joined Somerville-based Cuisine en Locale, a company that delivers meals created entirely with locally-grown ingredients and hosts special pop-up events. There, she produced innovative menus, cooked flavorful dishes while adhering to a strict sourcing philosophy, and assisted in the business’s expansion, buildout, and renovation of the old Anthony’s Function Hall in Somerville.

While working with Cuisine en Locale, Katrina joined the team at Belly Wine Bar in Kendall Square as a server where, under the leadership of co-owner and mentor Liz Vilardi, she developed her palate and knowledge about wine. After one year, she rose to manager of Belly and sister restaurant - and Boston-area institution - The Blue Room. In this role, Katrina oversaw the operations of two concepts, cultivated relationships with staff and guests alike, and further developed her skills in hospitality.

It was during this time that Katrina and her partner, chef Joshua Lewin, began independently hosting a series of pop-ups and themed events, allowing them to celebrate their own personal favorite things. Bread + Salt Hospitality was born, and its great success and warm reception allowed the two to pursue the endeavor full time.

Katrina was awarded one of 19 Eater Young Guns Awards in 2016 and was named a Zagat “30 Under 30” winner in 2014. Katrina, who designed the interior of Juliet is also the founder and designer of Post Oak, custom-made attractive yet functional aprons that are fast becoming a favorite of local chefs

Post Oak Aprons

Post Oak Aprons are tailored to suit the needs of craftsmen of all kinds. From cooks to carpenters, these custom aprons are designed with consideration of the craft. The style, fabric selection, and pocket arrangement are selected to make attractive, but highly functional aprons.

Katrina designed and stitched the first Post Oak Aprons, in three styles, in 2014, using colleagues in the restaurant industry as well as other craftspeople as case studies she developed a line of aprons that could be highly customized for both style, and function. Post Oak Aprons were featured that year in the Somerville Open Studios Fashion Show and were quickly adopted by high profile Somerville restaurants River Bar and Bronwyn.

The aprons quickly became sought after by both local and national restaurants and Katrina’s designs have been featured on:

As well as this interview, giving a good inside look at the design process behind the aprons.

If you'd like more information about post oak aprons, or if you'd like to order a custom apron contact

katrina apron model.jpg

Of Juliet: The Magazine

At Juliet, dining is explored as a sort of immersive storytelling. Dinner menus are developed along a theme, and presented alongside original poetry, prose (last fall’s production Les Pommes Sauvages included a five day immersive performance complete with virtual reality time travel), and visual design.

First published in January 2018, the Juliet team reaffirmed their commitment to not only providing skillful cooking and sincere hospitality through their work, but to sharing their developing story in the most comprehensive and engaging way possible.

Of Juliet issue 1, Winter 2018 (“subtitled This is everything I have to tell you”), provided  both a behind the scenes look at the development of three winter menu productions, as well as general interest content including short stories, interviews, album reviews, opinion, art, and photography. The three covers throughout the year, by Jazayeri, were intended as a collectible series.

Not only as a fulfilling creative project, founded on Juliet’s characteristic excellence in craft, Of Juliet is also an experiment in developing economically viable support structure in the arts. Contributors and staff share in the profit of the project. Like the restaurant itself, supporting this endeavor not only provides a unique and fulfilling experience for fans and readers, but an opportunity to develop skills and be paid for them, for those involved in the creation.

The project is produced and managed by the Juliet team and features the work of both their own staff and outside contributors such as Nina Coomes, whose work has been published by Catapult, EATER, and more.

Of Juliet Winter 2018 is available now at Juliet as well as online at where single issues can be purchased for 12.00 or yearly subscriptions for 30.00. Of Juliet is also available direct from the printer at: where digital only copies can also be purchased for 8.99.

Writing, Speaking, Other Initiatives

Furthering his commitment to storytelling even beyond the kitchen and dining room, Lewin’s writing appears regularly (often accompanied by Jazayeri’s illustration) in restaurant industry as well as other publications in the form of recipe contributions, stand alone personal essays, and longer running columns about life in and outside the kitchen.

Josh and Katrina are both experienced presenters, panelists, and speakers and have been featured repeatedly by the New England Aquarium, The Sustainable Business Network, Restaurant Opportunities Center, the national conference Bespoke, examining the intersection of social justice and the food service industry, and others.

Josh and Katrina have presented in settings ranging from large and small panels as both participants and moderators, roundtable discussions, conference breakouts and keynotes as well as publicly addressing state and federal legislators on topics including:

As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Josh is also uniquely qualified to present on topics related to veterans, and their families.  

Published by Josh

*Illustrated by Katrina

Juliet Blog*


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Open Book Management

At Juliet we operate a system called Open Book Management, or Open Book Strategy.

Open Book Management
A philosophy and management strategy of involving every employee in making a company more successful by sharing financial and operational information, sharing responsibility for its challenges and success, and giving active participants a stake in the outcome.

It involves five basic practices:

We create business teams (Menu Data, Finance & Metrics, Hospitality, Marketing & Social Media, Community Outreach) that are setup to allow staff to work directly on initiatives to improve the business. All these teams have three goals: To perform some of the many management functions which owners and managers do not have time to do well, to develop staff’s business skills, and to develop skills for running and participating in meetings.

Through Open Book Strategy we empower our staff to learn and develop skills beyond their basic job functions, gaining a greater overall understanding of how a food service business is run, managed, grown, and evolved. Based on our collective success, the entire team is incentivized through quarterly profit sharing.

Our program is inspired in part by recent initiatives by acclaimed restaurateur Danny Meyer, with whom we shared the pages of Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Ari Weinzweig and Zingerman’s.

Although inspired by these course charting individuals, Juliet remains singular in using these principles to simultaneously challenge, empower, and mentor their staff toward meaningful career growth but also to eliminate tipping and the alternative minimum wage from their hospitality experience; creating better guests experiences and guaranteeing their staff good, dependable wages, with plenty of room for incentives based on service and performance.

Just over two years old (as of March 2018), Juliet is proud to claim a well paid, well respected, well trained, and well tenured staff of goal and mission aligned individuals (unheard of in the restaurant industry) to go along with a profitable and award winning business based on community engagement, creative storytelling and cuisine, and exceptional service experiences.