BlueStamp Engineering


Name: Gabriela Garcia

Location: Denver

Instructor: Lauren Cooper, Dave Young

Main Project: #64: Robotic spider

Major Steps to complete the project:

  1. Make sure all parts have arrived as planned
  2. Find out which pins I am supposed to use to connect the arduino to the Hexbug’s motor drivers.
  3. Connect the Arduino to the motor drivers and code the Hexbug to move in a square. This is a milestone. Record a video and to post to web.        
  4. Solder on the Ultrasonic Sensor.        
  5. Code the Ultrasonic sensor and code it to allow the Hexbug to move around without crashing into things.This is a milestone. Record a video, and post to the website.
  6.  Create the code for the infrared to recognize the black line.This is a milestone. Record milestone video.
  7.  Finish website.