You may be asking, now that I have Google Classroom, how can I provide effective feedback to student work? To answer that question, I’ve included four ways to do that. Click on the hyperlinks below to learn more on how you can get started today. Real-time text

 Text Feedback-may be the easiest way to use. This tool is already built into most Google products. Click for a demonstration.

Megaphone, Shouting, Voice ...

        Voice Feedback-Makes your feedback more personal. You will need to add Read Write to your dashboard which you should have anyway.

Video, Camera, Movie, Recorder ...

Video Feedback-Adds another dimension to personalized feedback utilizing Screencastify.

Open ...

Handwritten Feedback-The electronic version of the red (or any color) pen. Only works on Google Classroom mobile app (soon to be on any Chrome device).

I hope you find these tools useful. Let me know if you find any other ways to provide feedback for student work.File:Thank-you-word-cloud.jpg

Doug Thomas          @madthomasd             Thank you Eric Curtis. More info here.