The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Conversation Fail of Pyramus and Thisbe

A Dramatic Act of Two People


Pyramus:        Good morning, Thisbe! This morning, I ate a wonderful breakfast: I had a bagel, a bowl of fruit and cup of tea.

Thisbe:        Good morning, Pyramus! That does sound like a wonderful breakfast. I don’t like bagels much. Do you put anything special on them? What kind of fruit did you have?

Pyramus stares off into the corner for an awkward amount of time.


P:                Thisbe, today I met a very interesting person! He had many wonderful stories to tell of his adventures in far off lands. You like to travel-- you should meet him! I would think that anyone who is interested in travel should talk to this person.

T:                Pyramus, that sounds great-- I would very much like to meet this person! Tell me, what is his name? Where does he live? Where can I find him?

Pyramus stares at fingernails.


Pyramus:        Thisbe, I am concerned! I have heard on the news that a massive asteroid is headed towards our very town! Surely, we all will be destroyed if we don’t do something!

T:                Oh, no! Pyramus, what should we do? Should we warn people? We should leave town and get far away-- when will the asteroid hit?

Pyramus sits down and takes a nap.