TA I can follow a series of real life instructions.

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You will discuss and use sequences for real life activities . You will need to think about what makes instructions clear and how you could improve them.

This lesson you will learn the meaning of these words: Input, Output, Sequence and  Rules (instructions).

Steps To Success

Self Assessment

I can follow real life instructions.

What are the rules for using a hundred square?  (Tick the right one)

Count on from a number using your finger      ⃞

Add random numbers together     ⃞

I understand how to write effective sequences

What do all sequences need before they can be carried out?  (Tick the right one)

Inputs, outputs, instructions      ⃞  

Only inputs and outputs    ⃞

Identifying  a Sequences

Is sticking in an SC a sequence?

Yes, it requires one action after another.

No, there is just one action.

Identifying your own  Sequences

Name a sequence you carry out everyday in school.