Project Charter

“The Carlos Montezuma Digitization Project: Wassaja.”

Objective Statement

The objective of this project is to develop and deliver a web-based application that facilitates the access, usability and discovery of the Carlos Montezuma/Wassaja newsletter and related ephemera, in order to promote and inspire community engagement, while expanding educational opportunities.


  1. Facilitate the implementation of a Drupal web-based application that will serve as an access point/information repository for maintaining a digitized collection of Montezuma’s documents and news-letter.
  2. Design and develop content so as to inform, educate and provide community resources to multiple audiences.
  3. Engage stakeholders, museums and teachers.
  4. Ensure smooth transition from the implementation phase to the maintenance phase of the website.
  5. Maintain project documentation.

Out of Scope

  1. We will not produce any original content such as news updates, blog entries, images or transcriptions of the newsletter text.
  2. We will not provide the client with complex contents and features like image editing, videos etc.
  3. We will not create a security system for the user accounts of the website.
  4. We will not update the website once the project is delivered, or troubleshoot website failures or hosting issues.


  1. It is important to keep the material of this project conducive to the values of the Yavapai community; therefore it is necessary to be aware of any cultural sensitivities that might be transgressed through representations, language, imagery and other forms of developer content.
  2. The copyright status of the content must be determined, regarding both the ownership of the source material and its representation, i.e. the reproduction of that content.
  3. We are a part-time volunteer team, therefore there is a limit to the amount of time and financial resources we may invest into the project.


  1. Drupal website configured for informational services related to the Wassaja Newsletter Collection project (including social media interactivity) and discovery of collection items from the ASU libraries.
  2. Website Documentation for Wassaja Newsletter Collection principal investigators.

Team Roster




Tom Black

Design & User Experience

Lyndsey Buchanan

Interface & Usability

Project Manager

Joe Buenker

Content Development

Project Manager

Junyu Chen

Systems Design

Rebecca Goveia

Design & User Experience

Jacqueline Hettel

Content Development


Laura Keller

Systems Design, Design & User Experience

Project Manager

Pravin Prakash Kumar

Content Development

Sydney Lines

Design & User Experience


Shannon Lujan

Systems Design

Bruce Matsunaga

Systems Design


Nagarjuna Myla

Interface & Usability

Kristine Navarro-McElhaney

Systems Design

Project Manager

Dawn Opel

Content Development

Michael Simeone

Interface & Usability


Steven Savage

Interface & Usability

Communication Plan

All communications with the Wassaja Newsletter Collection PIs will be facilitated through Jacqueline Hettel. All emails should also CC so that it is documented in the Project Management Workspace.

Teamwork for Project Tasks/Updates and Project Documentation:

This can be accessed via 

  1. Discussion and prioritization of application features.
  2. Tracking bugs/feedback during development stages.
  3. Recording action items from meetings and planning sessions, as well as documenting project goals.
  4. Defining project asks.
  5. A place where any project member's ideas and feedback can be recorded before they're forgotten.


All dates are tentative and subject to change.


Date to be completed:


Install Drupal and begin distribution configuration



Create all content types for information part of website.


**Remediate metadata for repository (documented in Change Log)


Complete and approve Site Map


Complete First Drafts of Design Specifications


Approve Design Spec for High Resolution Prototype


Create Feeds Importer for Repository Items to Drupal Site


Complete Preliminary Design of Repository Exhibition


Complete High Resolution Prototype


Approve/Feedback for High Resolution Prototype


Wrap up Developing Wassaja Team Tasks and transfer remaining to Nexus Lab for completion and implementation on Library Servers


***Dates in bold implicate Wassaja PI team members.