Chapter 1 - First Day of School                                                         

Why can't life be more mysterious, Lucas thought to himself lying on his bed, life is just so boring I wish it had more excitement and mystery. Lucas is 10 years old and his little brother, Ben is 6 years old. The older one hates his brother and the little one is naughty in front of his mom. The whole family lives together in an old farm house and it seems to have some mystery in it!

          One snowy blustery day in New York the kids woke up to mom dancing around in Lucas's room. " Why are you going crazy today, mom? You've never done that before".  Ben questioned.  "Well, like you said, sweetie, I am going crazy today because there's no school because of all this snow."  "I am so happy I don't have to wake up really early and drop you guys off at school," his mom said. " REALLY?  There's no school?” Ben shot out while his mom was talking. " Ya Ben, weren't you listening to mom?" Lucas got back at Ben.  "Cool down guys,  just enjoy the day off," mom said.  "Ok,  Penny,  we will get used to it," Ben said. "Don’t call me Penny! Call me Penwood or Mom."  Mrs. Penwood didn’t like her children calling her Penny because it reminded her of her husband Mr. Penwood.

     Oh no mom screamed from downstairs it seems there's school today, just two hours late. “Aw”, Ben whined. So get ready to go to school, I guess the staff members brushed the snow off the concrete. They got ready to go and got in the car. They made sure they locked the doors and closed the garage. They went to school and the kids were about to get off and go to the door until Mrs. Penwood saw a sign at the door saying no school today! Then Ben asked, what is happening mom?

         What can it be, let me check my phone, mom exclaimed. When she took out her phone she read who the sender was and it said “Unknown sender”! So it was a blocker, Mrs. Penwood sighed. It’s ok, there is no school today just enjoy it, Lucas tried to make his mom feel better. Mom asked, "But why would someone lie and make us go out of the house?"  Lucas suddenly interrupted with a smart voice, "That must mean something is going on at our house, so we have to go back!"

Chapter 2 - Why Us?

“Why our house, what is so special about it?" Ben inquired.  "I don’t know, why would some blocker purposefully send a fake email for us to get out of the house?" Mom replied.  "You are maybe right but remember, always think positive. Someone probably wasn’t trying to get into the house," Lucas replied to his mom’s concern. But when they reached the house,  the house looked haunted! The doors were cracked the glass was shattered and worst of all there were traps from the front to the end of the house!  

       “Oh no”! Mom squeaked. Just when they were parking at their garage, suddenly a coffin popped up from the ground and BOOM! They crashed into it. Ben screamed because he got hurt. Then Lucas intercepted, “Ha ha take that for payback”. " Who did that? Is it a trap?" Mrs. Penwood thought while the kids in the back were fighting. They got out of the car and ran to the front door. They kept trying to open the door but it wouldn't budge! For some reason it felt like there was someone on the other side holding the door shut! Then on the other side someone seemed let go of the door and WHOOSH they fell backwards on to the concrete. "Why have I had the misfortune to fall twice on this snowy cold day outside?" Ben whined. "For once I agree with you, Ben,"  Lucas exclaimed. "Thank goodness you guys agree on something!" Mom shot out at the kids. "How are we going to get in our house then?" Lucas questioned. “Well it looks like the door is open for us to go in”. When Ben was getting up from the concrete he tripped over something again. They looked down at something on the floor. It was yellow and sparkled in the sunlight.

          It was gold! (or so it seemed). “What is this doing here?” Ben asked wanting to take it. When Ben was about to touch it Lucas screamed saying, “no! It may have a bomb in it.” “Ya of course it would, and someone wants to kill me!” Ben said with sarcasm. “Ya we are in a haunted house, they would try distract us and lead us out of the the area that they are looking in. Well guess what, Lucas continued. In this situation their area is our house and they’ve already put a few traps that we ran into and this might be another one of their traps.” Slowly Ben listened to Lucas’s long lecture and began to walk away from the golden stuff. Out of nowhere, a voice came and it was a loud voice, it also felt like it was coming from the house. Suddenly a voice came like a BOOM from inside the house, saying,”Get out or else!” Then, it stopped. When Ben was just about to scream YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER OF THIS HOUSE, Lucas closed his mouth. Lucas gave an explanation to Ben saying, “If you scream he might attack us or threaten us.” “Oh fine”, Ben said tired of Lucas and his lectures. “Why are you here ghost or spirit.” Lucas asked questioned. “Your mom will know, NOW GET OUT, I am searching for something!” The voice said.

Chapter 3 - The Story


A huge wind swept them all out of the house and the door locked shut! Luckily, The family fell on the snow, so it felt like falling onto a soft, comfy, pillow. ”How dare he does that to me!” Ben screamed, acting cool. “Who cares about you it’s me who is the most important,” Lucas exclaimed. “Oh, my, gosh,” mom thought, but accidently said it out loud, so the kids stopped fighting and listened. “What! Do you know why he is doing this? Can you please tell us?” Lucas said wanting to know. Ok, but it maybe not correct.

           Then Mrs. Penwood began, When I used to live on a farm with my family I was the youngest of five children. We all loved to mine so we did it on the weekends because we had farm work on the weekdays. We had a cave right next to us that we used to mine in. We even built a mine cart that took us to throughout  the whole cave. We really loved to go down there. One day I woke up so early just to go see the cave. When I was running to the cave and I tripped over something just like you did Ben. I didn’t know what it was at that time. But without worrying about the rock I screamed out calling my dad to tell him I got hurt. When he came outside he saw me with a big bruise on my knee and the rock-type of thing. He asked me what it was but I told him I didn't know. My dad studied it for days and he still couldn’t figure out what it was. He looked at books and their photos but nothing said anything about a black shiny rock. So after a few days he left it in the house somewhere and never thought of it again the next day a thief came into the house at night and stole something. But my dad couldn't figure out what the thief stole. Finally, he checked where he put the rock and it was gone! My dad was very disappointed because he didn't figure out what the item was and it got stolen.

          But one day my dad was going to Walmart and he saw a yard sale going on outside of the house that was next to one of our neighbors house. He saw something shiny and dark! It was the “rock” that was stolen! My dad then brought it home to show us all that he found it in a yard sale. He then hid it in an unknown place, a place that I didn't even know. Now that farm is this house”.  Lucas asked. “So you think the person who stole the rock had a yard sale and became a ghost who wants revenge”? Mrs. Penwood nodded.

Chapter 4 - Olivia

They all were tired, so they walked to their car to sleep. Mrs. Penwood called her husband to tell him what was going on.  Unfortunately, Mr. Penwood was on a business trip and wouldn’t be home until the next morning.  She started to tell him about what happened but  realized he’d just think they were crazy.  

The next morning the alarm went off on Mrs. Penwood’s phone. Ben thought it was the coolest thing to sleep in the car.  Just then Mr. Penwood drove into the driveway.  The kids got out and ran to Mr. Penwood screaming and yelling about the story that happened last night.  He looked at them like they were totally crazy.  
        “But wait till you see the house,” exclaimed Ben.  They all looked at the same time and realized it was back to normal.  Mr. Penwood said, “Well, it looks like our house; I don’t see anything different.”  “But the car, Dad, we hit a coffin in the road!” said Ben. Mr. Penwood gave him a look of confusion because it’s not every day you crash into a coffin.  Lucas and Ben showed him the car which had a little bump on it. “That is just a little scratch, and besides a COFFIN!  Seriously?”  Their dad said.  

Today was the first day of school! Lucas met his new teacher and he really liked her.  She was calm, nice and didn’t lecture the kids’ heads off.  Unfortunately, Ben got a mean old teacher who already signed his planner!  At recess Lucas tried finding new friends because his old friends really weren’t the nicest people.  He didn’t find anyone that interested him so he went to hang out with his old friends.  Lucas was playing cards with them and this blond haired girl came up to the boys and shouted, “Give me the cards”!  It was the mean old girl, Kelly. As she started to shout some more, a small girl showed up behind Kelly. She then politely asked for the cards. Lucas gave some of the cards to her and she left.  Before he knew it school was over.

Lucas walked out of the school and there was that small polite girl.  When she first saw him she said, “I saw what happened, your house was wrecked. "Oh" Lucas thought. "It's a long story". "Can you tell me, please?" The girl asked with curiosity. “I love mysteries!" "Oh, fine,” Lucas said. Then he told her the whole thing with every single detail. She was gasping like crazy and  looking around somewhat scared." So think there is a ghost around here?”  She then quickly told him her name and ran home scared that maybe a ghost was with her and it would follow her home! Lucas was confused why she would tell him her personal info and leave scared.  “But, she seems nice, I mean, Olivia is nice.” he thought.

        Just as Olivia left, Ben caught up to Lucas and asked, "Who is she?"  “Oh, she saw our house wrecked and she wanted to know the whole story, so I told her.” He explained.” “Seriously, you don’t just give people your personal info! What if they are bad people and want to steal your stuff?” Ben said harshly. “She is a kid!  Why would she even try to do that when she met you at school?” Lucas intruded." “You are thinking way out of the box, Ben, I don’t think that would happen.” Lucas explained. “Did you know that is why I am way smarter than you, because I think out of the box.” Ben finally got his revenge.

Chapter 5 - The Letter

The next day when the kids were going to school they pulled out of the driveway and Mrs Penwood bumped her car into something. It was the same coffin they crashed into before. It was lying on the road straight up with a note sticking out that said, "Dear Penwoods." Before they took the letter they all ran into the house to show Mr. Penwood proof of their story but he was fast asleep and it looked like he was snoring, too. They needed to go to school so they kept the note on the coffin and left so that their dad could see the coffin and the note.  After school they walked home and saw that the coffin was gone. They ran inside screaming, "Mom, the coffin and letter are gone and we didn’t even get to read it!" "I have the letter, mom interrupted from the kitchen.” "I have the letter but when I went to get the mail the coffin was gone and the letter was taped to the front of the mailbox's opening. I had to read the letter and it is making me freak out.”  Lucas politely asked, “What does it say?”  Before mom could say anything or even look at the letter and talk Ben ran over to Mrs. Penwood and snatched the letter out of her hands and started reading the letter. After he read the letter, he gasped and handed the paper right to Lucas to read. Lucas gasped, too. (but even louder than Ben)  Lucas read out loud the note and it said,” I will strike again!"

Chapter 6 - A Dream Come True


“Mom, you are right, it freaks me out too, but I’m ready to deal with it! (unlike

last time’s unknown surprise)  “By the way, did you show the letter to dad?  Maybe he will finally think we are not lying, Ben said.  “Coincidentally, he is still asleep, but hopefully he might wake up anytime now.” Mom said.  Why is he still sleeping? Ben wondered.  “He usually wakes up at 9:00 AM when we’re at school.” stated Ben. “He‘s very tired because he didn’t get much sleep on his business trip, so I haven’t felt like waking him,” said Mrs. Penwood. Lucas had lots of homework and it was due the next day so he went to his room to finish it. On the other hand,  Ben had no homework so his mom let him play video games on the new PS4. Suddenly, when mom was washing the dishes; Ben was playing his video games; and Lucas was doing his homework, they all heard a crash like a glass fell! Stopping their activities they all and started running toward the sound. They all found out it was dad who had just woken up!

          Mr. Penwood was still in his sleepy mode but he seemed a bit scared like he was being eaten by a monster. It also looked like he was shivering. “What happened, sweetie?”

Mrs. Penwood asked. Mr. Penwood started out with a stutter then began blurting out words that the whole family couldn’t understand. Finally he was able to make sense and started saying, “I had a dream! It was the ghost you guys told me and he said he will strike again. We have to get ready for it because in my dream he will attack and try to steal some type of gold! “You finally believed us,” Mrs. Penwood gave a mad look at Mr. Penwood. "We have get ready for the attack, but how?” Lucas asked. “We will have to find some way,”  Mr. Penwood said as he thought hard.

Chapter 7 - A Helpful Hand

The next day when the kids were driving to school they saw Olivia waving at them on the road!  They told Mrs. Penwood to stop the car and that they would walk with their new friend, Olivia. Before Mrs. Penwood could ask who Olivia was, the kids ran out of the car to meet her. Mrs. Penwood figured she could ask who she was when they came home. When Ben and Lucas caught up to Olivia she started blabbering words out at the two kids just like Ben and Lucas’ dad yesterday. They told her to calm down and talk and she said, “I know.” “I know where it is.” She said with a shiver. ” I know where the rock is.” She ended. “What, but how do you know.” Lucas asked with a shock. “It’s a long story though.” She said. she started to talk while they kept walking to school. She started, “When I told my mom about the story you guys told me, she had a shock because she’s heard the story before with the same details but there was one person missing and she told me it was her…”She trailed off. She stopped and turned to see a teacher behind her and the teacher tapped on Olivia’s shoulder! The teacher told them to go to class.  Ben had to go to his grade-level pod but before he left he told Olivia and Lucas not to talk about the story. Olivia agreed but Lucas didn’t quite agree.  Ben made his cute little puppy face. Olivia thought it was darling. Lucas didn’t fall for it.  The two continued down the hall. Olivia turned into the library to finish an assignment. Lucas kept walking down the hall to his class. He was one of the last students in the hall due to all the talking with Olivia and Ben. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder.  He turned to look at who tapped him he heard an eerie whisper from behind say, “Lucas, get ready, I’m back.”  He turned around and looked but no one was there. “Who is it?” he asked. Instead of an answer he saw a note flutter down in front of him. He picked it up and it said, “I found it.” He froze, unable to walk or talk. In fright he realized it was the ghost!  It had followed him to school!

Scared, he ran to class without a quick second to breath. I got to class and sat down in my seat.  I knew it would take a while for Olivia to come.  Half an hour later Olivia came in. She came right when it was recess time. Lucas ran to her to tell her about the note.  When Olivia heard the news she was shocked!  “What?” she asked in surprise.  The same thing happened to me, too, except it said, “Olivia, get ready!”  “Well, if it happened to both of us it must have happened to Ben, too,” concluded Lucas.  “What does it mean, thought?” Olivia asked.  “I think it means that he found out where the gold or rock is. So we need to go to the place where it is,” Lucas said.  “Ya, but we have to wait until school is over, Olivia said sadly.  the rest of the day at school they did not talk about the note or about where the rock is.

    After school Olivia and Lucas waited for Ben to come. After a few minutes he came running to his brother Lucas and he was shivering. He was scared of the note. Ben finally calmed down and he talked. “I got a note! he exclaimed. “It’s okay we got it too.  No need to freak out,” Lucas said. “Now, Olivia, continue the story! Lucas screamed.  “Okay, my grandfather helped your dad hide the gold because he was best friends with my grandfather.” When Ben was about to scream, Lucas shut his mouth.  “First, say where the gold is...quick!” hissed Lucas. Olivia had to say it, “The cave, guys, the cave!”

To Be Continued...

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