Concept: Photo of two young professionals shaking hands while standing on clouds.

Email subject line: Fly without the fuselage

Otixo provides the portal: Now you work on air.

With Otixo, you can defy gravity. You know those messy cloud-based, password-strewn apps, each with its own portal serving a unique purpose?

With Otixo, connect once, and you’re free.


Transport files between cloud-based aps as though skywriting. There are no limits. Coordinate your Dropbox, Picasa Web, Google docs and many more via our user-friendly, elegant portal. Share the lift with collaborators anywhere, anytime.

Fly without the fuselage.

Through the end of July, we’re offering a lifetime Otixo web membership for just $39. Sign on to save money and time. We promise you’ll enjoy the ride.

Just as you need a boarding pass to climb on an airplane, various cloud-based aps require individual logons and passwords, and coordinating data between them can cause frustrating delays. And, to work with someone using a different cloud-based app, one of you needs to change over.  Not anymore.

With Otixo, you input all your passwords just one time. From that day forward you’re weightless. You’re working on air.

Join Otixo so you can:

Sure, there are mimics out there, but they don’t work or play as well for you.  

Buy the lifetime web application now for just $39.

“Otixo gives me back access to my securely stored files while honoring the client's wish not to have cloud sync software in place.” ~ IT professional from Belgium.

“Cha-ching! Easy with Otixo (and the cloud)! Hard without it!” ~NY Web Developer

“I work to a just-in-time deadline every night and Otixo gets me there. It's a lifesaver. More than that, it makes the difference for me and makes the difference for the students every day.” ~UK professor