Anyone and everyone is free to record, stream, or post video of Paranormal and its gameplay, as long as the person/entity/ghost does not sell the actual game. Monetizing of gameplay videos for this game is totally fine.

Personal permission from me is not required for monetizing videos or streams of Paranormal. That’s what this page is for. And the text on Paranormal’s Steam Store page (below the system requirements). And common sense in general. Enjoy the game! If you want to monetize content you’ve recorded or streamed containing Paranormal, I support you.

All music and audio used in Paranormal is legally used and include permission for commercial usage, such as being included in a gameplay video of Paranormal.

If a Copyright claim or ContentID match has been made due to any audio in Paranormal, it is a false-positive.

Due to YouTube’s new music rules, even artists who make their music publicly available for commercial use are seeing their clients/users/fans automatically flagged by YouTube. If any of the in-game music gets claimed by the automatic detection system on YouTube or Twitch, dispute the claim. The music is all done by an indie artist named Josh Woodward and he makes his music fully usable in commercial projects for free, so if you dispute those claims he'll quickly approve the automated dispute.

Signed, Matt Cohen

Developer of Paranormal