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Do you want to Sell Books Monthly?

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Amazing authors

will receive hands-on training as an example of how to apply the on-line training.

Dr. Neen

(424) 241-2621

Self-Published Authors!

Learn to sell 1000+ non-refundable copies of your cause-centered books as a fundraiser for your favorite charity.

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What is true about YOUR book?:

  • “Performing beyond my wildest expectations!”
  • “Adequately, quietly helping a few people who find it online”
  • “An embarrassment (I didn’t know what I was doing)”
  • “Living rent-free in my garage”
  • “Costing me money! – I was told to give away copies at mixers!”

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What if you could…

  • Tie your book content to a cause
  • Sell 1000 non-returnable copies
  • Get consistent free publicity
  • Receive retail pricing for bulk sales
  • Rally a no-cost-to-you, motivated sales team

Dr. Neen’s Monthly Book Sales training can help you achieve your book marketing goals. You will learn how to magnify your meaningful message while raising money and awareness for the causes you hold near and dear to your heart.

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Dr. Neen’s Think it, Do It!®  brand was distributed throughout the world, impacting hundreds of thousands of people over the years – and YOU can do this too - with YOUR book!

Now Enrolling for the Online Training Program

This proven system includes experiential learn-by-doing modules:


  • Local Los Angeles mixer
  • Review of your goals by our trained staff
  • Q & A sessions
  • Featured author status in the $100K in 100 days challenge
  • Manifesting Mavens support community


45 day course:


Early Bird discounted rated:

BFF discounted rate:

Payment plan - 4 easy payments:

$1500 per author

$1250 per author

$2500 for two authors

$400 per installment

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*There are no refunds offered for this program. Please call us if you have questions.*

I’m looking forward to helping you make money making a difference!

Dr. Neen

(424) 241-2621

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video play button.jpg Click here for Think it, Do It!® brand journey video.

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