My name is Micah Wagner. I am 18 years old, and I am from Minnesota. Because my dad is a videographer, I have a lot of experience making videos. For the past two and a half months, I’ve been interning with Project Video in Thailand. I would like to take some time to tell you about some of my experiences here.

Firstly, I first became aware of Project Video when the founder, Don Leonard, came to visit my house in May 2014. He has been friends with my parents for a number of years, and came to tell us about what he had been doing with Project Video. I was rather interested, so I accepted the invitation to a dinner to meet the new Asia Field Coordinator, Jasmine. While there, I felt God calling me to come to Thailand.

The beginning of my trip coincided with a Service Volunteer trip with a group from Wisconsin, so I tagged along with them for the two weeks they were here. We got to see a few production studios, and saw the premiere of the Hmong studio’s first production, The Rich Man and Lazarus. It was really cool to see how they presented the short film and the reaction of the villagers. After the Service Volunteers left, I began my internship in full, and helped with a weeklong training session with the Karenni. I mainly helped out with the editing session, as editing is my strongest video skill.

After I returned to Chiang Mai, I worked on a dubbing master for the Today With God series. It was a bit tedious, but the content is good. It features the Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of John, and Acts of the Apostles films, and I felt like I understood the Good News better afterwards. I also worked on some training powerpoints, for interviews and working as a film crew..

Living in Chiang Mai was an interesting experience, mainly because of the casual atmosphere and generally low cost of living. I liked exploring on my bicycle, comparing the similarities and differences between here and the States. My favorite part of Chiang Mai is the moat road, which encircles the inner city. The food was another interesting part; I loved the Karenni food the most. My favorite dish was a soy omelet.

My favorite part of the trip was when I went to the Karenni village for the training. The food was amazing, the relaxed atmosphere was calming, and I had an all around good time. I especially enjoyed playing with the kids from the nearby Long Necked Karen, or Kayan, village. The team spent an afternoon there after school. It was so fun to see and play with them, even with the language barrier.

Overall, I had a very fun time, and I would definitely recommend an internship with Project Video. It gives you a whole different perspective on missions. Learning about the culture and seeing how these people lived was an experience I’ll never forget. It has challenged my faith in ways I would not have expected, and I am a better person from coming here.