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Remote Work on Augsburg PCs Setup
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Remote Work on Augsburg PCs Setup

Link to this page:

Also use the above guide to configure a personal computer to connect to Remote Work.

Initial Setup - (log in with AD\username)

  1. On your desktop open “Remote Work.rdp”
  2. When asked “Do you trust the publisher of this remote connection?” check “Don’t ask me again…” and choose “Connect.”

  1. When prompted for your credentials enter your Augsburg password
    Note: First time logging in will require entering “ad\username” (no quotes).
    The backslash is above ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

  2. You will need to use Duo to approve your remote login.
  3. Applications can be found in the Programs folder on the desktop (not all applications are in the start menu)

  4. To get back to your other programs, click the Restore (or Minimize) button at the top:

  1. When you are done using Remote Desktop, click the Windows button, then the person icon, and choose “Sign Out”

Additional Remote Desktop Features and Tips