Calling All Junior & Senior High School AND College Students!

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Our young ambassadors serve as volunteer summit captains on the day of the conference. They play an integral role in establishing order throughout the day’s events, while taking  part of a meaningful experience: connecting middle school age youth to various experiential learning opportunities through the lens of technology and the arts.

Through a partnership with PopUp for change, one high school junior or senior involved as a young ambassador at this year’s inaugural Tweens and Teens Inventor’s summit will receive a full ride scholarship this summer to participate in PopUp for change as an Inventor Fellow.

PopUp for change is a dynamic program that brings teens together to transform urban spaces into vibrant PopUp food trucks, supper clubs and fashion boutiques that tackle issues of social justice. It’s valued at $1,000.00.

Select college students involved in the summit will be eligible to apply for book scholarships of up to $500.00. Only 1-2 winners will be selected.

The Tweens & Teens Inventor’s Summit will take place at our School of the Future clubhouse, located at 127 E. 22nd Street, New York, NY from 10:45 AM-5 PM on May, 6, 2017.

The summit will inspire young people citywide to reimagine what it means to be a ‘creator’ in the eyes of a tween or teen of the 21st century.

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