Miss ashley came with food and the box. Then she put the food in the magic box. When Miss Ashley put the blindfold on, it felt like

As I stood waiting, my heart was going “fast”. I put my hand nervously into the box, and I felt

My Finger was touching a teabag.

I squeezed it and water came out and The class giggled as

It smelt disgusting.

It felt water and i

I had fun. And it was another person’s turn. And there one was murdered and syariah lee and she didn't want to eat it and miss

Fores her to eat it and miss toke the bland fode and she looked and when she looked at it and miss said look it was just murdered

And syariah lee oh and then the hole the class had a turn     

Did I remember to include….



Who, what, when, where, why, who, how

3 paragraphs - burger model

Conclusion - my own thinking/reflection

Specific adjectives


Different punctuation

Short sentence for effect

Correct spelling throughout the story

A sentence you have added in editing

A sentence you have moved in editing

Sentence starters given