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Dermatoglyphics Singapore In circumstance you were doing some research study concerning the possibility of your youngster and seeking methods to identify their abilities, you may encounter Dermatoglyphics or DMIT. The very same opts for those who were intending to discover whether there is link in between their finger prints as well as their natural strengths as well as likewise capacities. How trusted is the DMIT? The emerge from Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test or Analysis (DMIT/ DMIA) is extremely reputable. DMIT requires analyzing the kinds of the fingerprints on 10 finger concepts of a person. This provides a point of view on the natural skills, fundamental routines patterns as well as natural habits of the individual. Brief history of this Concept: 1926 Harold Cummins proposed “Dermatoglyphics” as the proper noun for the study of fingerprints at the American Morphological Society. Dermatoglyphics officially became a professional Knowledge in the field of Research. 1958 Noel Jaquin researched and found that each fingerprint corresponds to each type of personality. 1981 Professor Roger W. Sperry and his co-researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Biomedicine for their research work on the left and right brain functions as well as dual-brain theory. 2005 Prof. Lin Ruei filed for patency in Dermatoglyphics. 2008 Prof. Lin Ruei got U.S. Patent Dermatoglyphics (7406186).