The Chocolate Factory: Part One

       It was……. Foil? At first Revy thought it would be a golden ticket. Revy was trying to think in a good way like him getting to eat five whole candy bars!  But, Revy still couldn't get over it. Revy thought he could still enjoy his Christmas just in a different way. So he got up from his seat and he was about to throw the box into the trash when he heard a rattle coming from the box. There was something still in the box! Revy looked inside the box and couldn't see anything there. Revy was a strong man so he thought he could punch a hole through the box so that he could find where and what was left in the box. So Revy tried, and he did it! Then he saw foil inside a second layer of the box. He tore open more of the box and he found……..a Wonka bar! He took the Wonka bar and once again prayed to have a good Christmas with family. He prayed and opened the bar! Then he saw something. It was shining, but, this time it was gold. It was a golden ticket!

        Revy was so happy and so he ran to his parents to thank them. His parents didn't even know there was a hidden candy bar in the box but, they still took the glory! Revy soon was on tv and was told to be the third person to find a ticket to the Willy Wonka chocolate factory. After Revy went on TV, there were two more days till Revy went on the Willy Wonka tour! Revy couldn't wait till he went to the exciting event!

        After two days past, Revy went to the chocolate factory with his golden ticket and his parents like he said. When Revy arrived at the chocolate factory, he saw so many people trying to look inside the chocolate factory,(although the door was closed). Since there were so many people in front of the chocolate factory it was hard to get through the crowd. Some people let me through knowing me from TV, Some would ask, me to show them my ticket for proof, or the people would know me from TV and they would offer me loads of money for the ticket. Some people offered tons of money to make your life set but I wanted to see the chocolate factory for myself no matter the amount of money. When Revy finally got through the crowd, he saw four people standing in front of the big Wonka gate. Revy was the last one to arrive at the factory. There was a guard in front of the gate making sure no one crosses the gate other than the winners. Then suddenly when my family and I stepped  into the line, the big Wonka gate opened! Surprisingly none of the people from the crowd except one, tried to run through the gate. The one person who tried was caught by the guard. Then, like a boom a big voice came, “YOU MAY NOW STEP INSIDE, MY WONDERFUL WINNERS!” Then we all stepped inside the big chocolate factory. Right after a few steps inside the big gate, the gate started to close. Suddenly everybody in the crowd started to sprint to the gate before it closed. The guard got ran over and the people almost got through but suddenly the big gate closed so fast none of the people were able to get through! All five families continued to walk forward. Some of the people got hurt from the gate closing so fast but ambulances came and took them to the hospital. After all of the families reached the big factory, One small double door that was the height of a baby opened. Then came out a bunch of miniature walking people! They all stacked themselves to the top of the chocolate factory and one of the miniature people hit a button that opened Two huge double doors right in front of me! The miniature people unstacked themselves and went through their mini door and it shut close! Then a the same voice we heard earlier except louder said, “WELCOME TO THE WILLY WONKA CHOCOLATE FACTORY!

To Be Continued...

Coming soon is “The Chocolate Factory: Part Two”