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Landscapes, Weathering and Erosion, Stratigraphy Quiz

Each question is worth 10 points except for the question 8 which is worth 30 points.

1)What is the dominant force that ensures the Interior Lowlands of NY remain at a low elevation?

2)Which type of boundary surrounds most of the Adirondack Mountains?

3)What type of drainage pattern would you most likely find in the Taconic area of New York? Circle the best answer.

     Radial               Dendritic           Trellis

4)As water moves faster, it can move larger particles (pebbles, rocks, etc.). According to the reference table, what is the largest particle that can be moved by water moving 5 cm/s?

5)On the other hand, the larger the particle, the faster the water must be moving in order to transport it. What is the minimal speed water has to move to transport the smallest sized pebbles?

6)Which of these rock layers is the most resistant to weathering?

7)How can erosion change what a beach looks like over many years?

8)List the events in the diagram below from OLDEST (first) to YOUNGEST (last or most recent) using the laws of stratigraphy