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GULC 1315/MIT 6.S978 Spring 2017 - Calendar Page
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Georgetown University Law Center 1315/MIT 6.S978
Privacy Legislation: Law and Technology
Spring 2017

Class meetings: 


Thursday 3:00 - 5:00 Room 9-152


Thursday 3:30 - 5:30 Room 200


Thursdays 3:30 - 5:00 (joint lecture and discussion by video in each classroom)

Class date


Preparation and homework to do before class

February 9

Class cancelled due to MIT snow closure

February 16


Class 1: Privacy Law Fundamentals

Everyone (both MIT and Georgetown students and faculty) in person at MIT

Required reading assignment only

Dinner provided following class - all students strongly encouraged to attend

February 23

(Georgetown on alternative calendar)

Class 2: Foundations of Internet Policy - Platforms and Privacy and Privacy Considerations in Always-on in-home listening devices

Reading assignment

ASSIGNMENT 0: DUE Sunday 19 Feb @ 11:59pm: Group memo on Video Privacy Protect Act amendments.

March 2

Class 3: Police Geolocation & Tracking

Reading assignment. 

March 9

Class 4:  Predictive Policing

Reading assignment

ASSIGNMENT 1 DUE Wednesday 8 MARCH @ 11:59PM ET: Submit a first draft of your white paper explaining the technology, the privacy & security issues. with that technology, and outlining - but not drafting - your legislative solution

March 16

No Class (Georgetown Spring Break)

March 23

Class 5: Legislative Drafting

Reading assignment

ASSIGNMENT 2 DUE Wednesday March 22 @ 12noon: Submit a first draft of your proposed legislation, and a one-page summary of your legislation.

March 30

No Class

(MIT spring break: 27-31 March )

April 6

Class 6: Commercial Face Recognition

Reading assignment

ASSIGNMENT 3  DUE Friday 7 April @ 5PM ET: Submit a second draft of your proposed legislation, a revised one-page summary, and a section-by-section summary of your bill, and a revised white paper.

Group presentations:Police Geolocation Tracking, Commercial Face Recognition (b)

April 13

Class 7: Driver Privacy and Transparency

Reading assignment

Group presentations: Driver Privacy and Data Transparency, Always-on in-home listening devices

April 20

Class 8: “Fake News”

ASSIGNMENT 4 DUE Wednesday 19 April @11:59PM: Updated project materials, including in-class presentation (scheduled during classes 6, 7, 8)

Group presentations: Fake News, Predictive Policing, Commercial Face Recognition (a)

April 27

Class 9: Workshop presentation of Group Projects

CLASS MEETS AT GEORGETOWN LAW CENTER IN WASHINGTON, DC (Transportation and lodging provided for MIT students. Plan on traveling to DC on the morning of 27 April and returning the morning of 28 April.)

Legislation Workshop Agenda & Project Materials


  • A one-page summary of your bill, a section-by-section summary, and a copy of your proposed legislation, are due on Monday 24 April at 11:59pm ET.

  • Your final PowerPoint presentation is due on Wednesday 26 April at 11:59pm ET.

Note that class will be followed by a reception and group dinner that evening.

FINAL ASSIGNMENT #6: Due on Friday 5 May at 5pm ET: Upload final, revised drafts of:

  • Your white paper
  • Your one-pager
  • Your section-by-section
  • Your bill text
  • Your PowerPoint presentation a single PDF, arranged in that order, to this folder. You are encouraged to consider feedback you received at final presentations during your revisions. Be sure to put your project title and group number in the file name.

Group Project Information Page

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