City Planning for Solar

Objectives and description: The City of Plano is in the process of revising its Comprehensive Plan during 2013 and 2014. This plan, called “Plano Tomorrow” will be the guiding document for land use development and transportation planning for the next 20 years, helping to ensure that Plano continues to be a thriving employment center and great place to live. Plano Solar Advocates is actively participating, providing ideas and inputs to insure that Plano becomes a Solar “ready” and Solar “friendly” city.  See Community Meetings to see the current Plano Tomorrow summary and project schedule.

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Status: (provided in reverse chronological order below)


Nov 7, 2014 - LH

During the month of November, Plano will be hosting open house sessions to review the Plano Tomorrow Plan.  Information, dates, and times for these open house sessions are currently available on the Plano Tomorrow home page.  Draft policies that will be presented at these open house sessions is available at Plano Tomorrow Draft Policies.

The draft policies include good policy statements in the Natural Environment “pillar” for renewable/solar energy (see pages 7-8).  However, in the Regionalism Vision section beginning on page 11, it is recommended that an “Energy” element also be included.

As the North Texas region continues to grow, energy, like water, will be a major challenge. It is recommended that a Regionalism element be added as follows:

Regionalism - Energy

Policy – Plano will lead by example in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by developing and educating citizens in the importance of energy efficiency, conservation, and local clean distributed renewable energy deployment that doesn’t use our precious water resources when generating electricity. As the region continues to grow, Plano will be known as the most “solar-friendly” energy community and lead the region with net zero energy homes and businesses.

If you agree with this recommended addition, please mention this to the city staff while attending one of the open house sessions.


Sept 23, 2014 - LH

At this evening’s PSA meeting, we reviewed the Renewable Energy elements of the Natural Environment vision section of the proposed Comprehensive Plano Update.  Our current list of recommended actions is kept in our Working list 

See the Sept 2014 Plano Tomorrow Community Newsletter for additional status and plans information.

All additional ideas and suggested should be provided by Oct 3, 2014.


July 1, 2014 - LH

While the joint workshop of the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council on Monday, June 30, 2014  did not specifically cover the The Natural Environment Recap Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan, it was great to have so many PSA members attend. It was a great learning opportunity to see how the overall process is working.

Moving forward, we want to make sure that the elements in the Natural Environment Vision remain part of the comprehensive plan and we want to start thinking about actions that we can suggest be part of implementing of this part the vision.


May 30, 2014 - LH

In conversations with Steve Sims from the Planning Department, he indicated that the key next step will be a meeting on June 30, 2014 to access the current direction of the Comprehensive Plano process.  It will be important for PSA members to attend and insure that the Natural Environment vision and Renewable Energy policy statements are not diluted or altered.  He also suggested that the development of “actions” in support of each policy statement will begin to be developed.  PSA should suggest ideas for these “actions”, using or building upon our “take the case” inputs - see blog posting Planning for Solar, Plano’s Next 20 Years


March 17, 2014

On March 17, 2014, the Planning and Zoning Commission completed a work session for the natural environment component of the Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. The Commission recommended fifteen policy statements on the natural environment. Plano Solar Advocates was very excited to see the outcome of the Natural Environment Vision and especially the three components related to renewable energy - municipal buildings, municipal electricity, and incentivizing renewable energy (in which Solarize Plano was mentioned). A summary document with all the policy statements is available at this website - and the pdf version of the document is available at this link -


November 8, 2013

Volunteers from Plano Solar Advocates facilitated three “Take the Case” group meetings with Plano Senior High’s Student Congress representatives. This gave the students, the future residents and leaders of Plano, to provide their inputs into the Plano’s long range planning process.


September 24, 2013

A number of Plano Solar Advocate volunteers met together to participate in one of the “Take the Case” group meetings.  The main objective from the meeting was to develop three to five leading ideas to provide to city planners that they would consider for including in the comprehensive plan update.