By Matthew McAdoo(501stCadians) and Michael Boal(MGB519)

Table of Contents:



III...........SHIP Classification

Chapter I: Overview

What are Brikerntics? Brikerntics are cybernetic or steampunk machinery implanted into a minifig’s body(willingly or unwillingly) to improve a minifig’s abilities in a certain field. This supplement contains a list of pre-made cybernetics, in addition to rules for making your own. Lastly, this supplment overhauls 501stCadian’s Brikwiki SHIP classification system with a new, easier to use system.

Chapter II: Brikernetic Implants

Implants, when installed into a minifig’s body, give that minifig either improved skills or new skills altogether. However, a minifig can only have so many implants installed into his body; for the average minifig this is just one, but minifigs made of sterner stuff(such as Heros) can have up to four Brikerntic Implants stuck in them.  A list of Brikerntic Implants can be found in this chapter, but players are free to make their own- the Rule of Fudge applies when two players discuss the balance of certain implants.

Table 1-1: List of Implants



CP Cost

Arm Upgrade, Mk I

+1 to Skill

2 CP

Arm Upgrade, Mk II

Super-Strength: Minifig can perform one Super-Strength cliche feat every 2 turns.

4 CP

Arm Upgrade, Mk III

Arm-Blades: Minifig is considered to have one hand weapon at all times. This weapon cannot parry.

6 CP

Arm Upgrade, Mk IV

+1d6 to Skill, +4” to range.

16 CP

Arm Upgrade, Mk V

+2 to Skill. Gun-Arm: Minifig has one long-range weapon at all times.

20 CP

Leg Upgrade, Mk I

+2” to movement

2 CP

Leg Upgrade, Mk II

Super Speed: Minifig can “burst” in one turn for a movment bonus of +12”. However, the implant must then “recharge”, and cannot be used for 2 turns.


Leg Upgrade, Mk III

Jump Booster: The minifig can jump 10” into the air.

8 CP

Leg Upgrade, Mk IV

Minifig gains Spyder Gymnastix ability.

10 CP

Leg Upgrade, Mk V

Minifig can now “Angry Inch” three inches instead of one inch.

12 CP

Eye Upgrade, Mk I

Increases gun range by 4”

Eye Upgrade, Mk II

Firing blind penalty is reduced to -3.

Eye Upgrade, Mk III

Laser Eyes: Minifig gains one short range weapon.

Eye Upgrade, Mk IV

Flash system: create a blinding flash of light, giving all minifigs within a 4” radius:a -3 penalty to skill for a turn. Minifigs with this implant are immune to its effects.

Eye Upgrade, Mk V

Eye of the tiger: if the user is defeated, they can make one last roll. If it is a six, they are brought back into the game with +1 to skill.

Torso Upgrade, Mk I

+1d6 Armor

5 CP

Torso Upgrade, Mk II

+1d6 Armor. User can also make two attacks per turn with hand weapons.

8 CP

Torso Upgrade, Mk III

Rayhawk Assault System: Minifig throws bombs in a 3” cone on the minifig’s forward arc.

15 CP

Torso Upgrade, Mk IV

+1d10 armor

Torso Upgrade, Mk V

+1d6-1 armor. User becomes a 2d10 explosive upon death.

20 CP

Icarus Landing System, Mk I

Minifig takes no damage from falling.

5 CP

Icarus Landing System, Mk II

Minifig takes no damage from falling. In addition, minifig can do a “power land” and deal 2d6 damage in a 4” radius from the Minifig’s landing point.

15 CP

Immortal Shield System, Mk I

Shield System Mk I: On a dice roll of a 6, any damage is negated.

10 CP

Immortal Shield System, Mk II

Shield System Mk II: On a dice roll of a 4-5, any damage is negated.

20 CP

Immortal Shield System, Mk III

Shield System Mk III: On a dice roll of a 1-3, any damage is negated.

30 CP

Arkbrik Invisibility System, Mk I

Invisibility Mk I: Minifig is “invisible” and counts as being in half cover for 1 turn. Activatable once every two turns.

10 CP

Arkbrik Invisibility System, Mk II

Invisibility Mk II: Minifig is “invisible” and counts as being in full cover for 2 turns. Activatable once per game.

25 CP

Arkbrik Invisibility System, Mk III

Invisibility: Minifig is “invisible” and counts as being in full cove.r for 3 turns. Activatable once per game.

30 CP


“Ignition! Blast off!!! The vessel needs a new name! Something more appropriate to a starship. Apollo? Gemini? Enterprise? Already taken.

Millennium Falcon. Trademarked. All rights reserved.

No! Wait, I have it! Dragon Star! Thats it! Dragon Star!”

- Margaret Weis, Elven Star

SHIPS are the thin skin against the cold void of space. Ever since minifig looked to the stars, he has had one burning desire: To blow shit up in the cold void of space. Ever since, many basic archetypes of ships have been created. In G.R. 2010, the relatively unknown 501stCadians laid out a system for classifying ships. Now, that system is being overhauled by the USFMASTBSU organization. (Universal System For Massively Awesome Ships That Blow Shit Up Organization). The USFMASTBSU has made the following ship classifications:

The term “In Length” means from nose to rearmost engines.

Fighter: 2”-4” in Length. The term “Fighter” incompasses anything from Fighters to Interceptors to Bombers. They are armed per normal MOC rules in the Brikwars 2010 rulebook. Must be carried by a carrier, cruiser, or station.

Gunboat: 4”-8” in Length.  Gunboats are normally used for station defense, and are not able to go faster than light.

Frigate: Frigates are 8”-10” in length. This normally incompases Transports, Planetary Landers, and anything else in that general size; the Frigate class is a catchall for SHIPs. They must have at least 4 Class IV or lower weapons. Ships that were previously classified as Corvettes are now also Frigates.

Destroyers: 10”-12” in length. Destroyers form the mainstays of most fleets, and typically are also capable of small ship to ship boarding actions.  Destroyers must have at least one Class V weapon and 6 class IV or lower weapons.

Light Cruisers: 12”-16” in length. Light Cruisers often form leadership units for Destroyer squadrons for act as escort ships for larger ships.

Cruisers: 16”-22” in length. Cruisers often work alone on patrols or in groups in a larger fleet. A single cruiser is often worth a few Destroyers.

Battleship: 22”-24” in length. Battleships often form flagships or patrol by themselves on long patrols. Massive in size, Battleships can take on a small fleet by themselves and come out victorious.

Dreadnought: 24”-40” in length. Dreadnoughts form the core of large battlefleets, and often serve as the flagship of those fleets. Dreadnoughts can take immense amounts of punishment, and deal it out in return.

Planet Killer of the Line: 48”-N/A” in length. Planet Killers of the Line range from 36” minimum to any size, and are horrific monstrosities never seen before in combat. As such, classifications are hard to pick out.

Space Station: *Any Size*. Space Stations are immobile starships in orbit around a sun or planet. They can range in size, but if a station is under 12” in length or width; user Cruiser primary weapons, any larger and use Battleship primary weapons..