Commercial Assignment

Objective:  To demonstrate the use of the principles of learning in advertising.

Materials:  Video Camera, notes on classical and operant conditioning.


  1. Inside your group, choose an assigned commercial product from the list below that your group will be selling in your commercial.
  2. Research:  Take time to review television commercials to obtain ideas for the commercial you will be creating.
  3. When you are creating your commercial, do not include sexual connotations (like an Axe Body Spray commercial), derogatory behavior (like making fun of a certain group of people), or drug/alcohol use.   Be creative.
  4. Create a commercial using multiple aspects of classical and operant conditioning.  
  5. Identify the aspects of classical and operant conditioning used in your commercial.  A handout with your groups “Commercial Analysis” will need to be completed and turned in with your commercial.
  6. Be prepared to present the commercial on the assigned due date.  Make sure you have the equipment necessary to hook your video camera up to a television/overhead projector and/or have a copy of your commercial burnt to a DVD.   You may need to bring in your equipment prior to the presentation date to be sure you are completely prepared to present your commercial.  
  7. Note:  You will be creating a series of three 30 second commercials.  Each commercial will be about the same product.
  8. Note:  Everyone in the group needs to participate in someway in the assignment.

Have fun using your right-brained creative skills!

Possible Products List

  1. Home Defense System
  2. Car Insurance
  3. Cell Phone Plan
  4. Paper Products (like The Office)
  5. Calculator
  6. Coffee from Colombia
  7. A Car
  8. High-speed Internet
  9. Skim Milk
  10. Workout Equipment