Elk Valley Minor Hockey Association


January 25, 2017


Executive Members in Attendance: Crystal Hartery, Tiffany Rybachuk, Jason Dobson, Anita Dobson, Renee MacCormack, Crystal Tennant, Dwight Kerkhoven


Others in Attendance: Karla Chatterson, Sarah Corkle


Meeting began at 7 pm.


Motion to accept the minutes from previous meeting – Jason Dobson motioned, Crystal Tennant seconded


President’s Report – Jason Dobson


Playoffs are fast approaching


Atoms: March 3-5 in Elkford

PeeWee: Feb 24-26 in Glacier

Bantam: Feb 24-26 in Fernie

Midgets: March 3-5 in Creston



-       more with parents this year than in year’s past

-       First year in six years that he has issued disciplines (parents and coaches)


Vice-President’s Report – Lee Wilm

-       Nothing to report


EK League Report – Lee Wilm

-       Nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report – Renee MacCormack

4  Balance – Chequing $42727.53

4  Balance – Gaming $1618

4  Balance – $15,000

4  Tournament Worksheets

o   Novice – Renee and Crystal went through Crystal’s completed worksheet. There are a few changes to be made (BC Hockey sanction was less than Crystal had calculated). Renee will make necessary adjustments to finalize profits and then send updated copy to Crystal Tennant and Jill Doey (managers for Novice)

§  Profit was $ ______ - will report updated amount at next meeting

§  Crystal and Renee discussed how to fairly split the profit between the teams (Elkford has one with 13 players and Sparwood has 2 teams with 9 and 11).

§  Crystal and Renee thought it would be best to divide profit by number of players and others present agreed with that decision

o   Atoms – Worksheet was completed and all monies balanced.

§  Renee will send copy of completed worksheet to Tiffany

§  Profit was $______ to be updated and confirmed for February meeting

§  Will be divided equally amongst both Atoms teams as they have 12 players each

o   PeeWees – their tourney is this weekend

§  Renee will meet with Brent after the weekend to complete the worksheet

4  New Tournament Worksheet

o   Renee has a copy of the updated worksheet with correct prices for ice and referees

o   She will send the updated copy to Lee to be put on the website

4  Receipt books – we need more

o   Jason said he will talk to Keith to find out where he got them from

o   He thought we should have a lot

4  Received 4 tickets for Calaway Park in the mail (assume Dawn contacted them for tournament)

o   Found out they were for PreNovice team (Renee will deliver them)

4  EKC Community Bond

o   I received a notice at the bank. Bonds are available for sale until March 31, 2017

o   Renee’s thought is that she does not have a full picture of EVMHA financial situation and likely won’t have that together until after the deadline so it could be something to consider in the future

4  EKC Community Cash Award – AGM April 21, 2017

o   Received a letter in the mail to apply for Community Cash Award

o   Renee will apply for the cash award

o   If Minor Hockey is selected as one of the groups, Renee will attend the AGM for an opportunity to earn more cash donations

§  Crystal Hartery said she would go as well


Registrar’s Report – Anita Dobson

-       Late registrant – fees will be prorated (Lincoln Cromey – first year atom)


High Country Report – Samantha Rector

-       Nothing to report


Referee Coordinator Report – Shane Bachmier

-       Nothing to report


Referee in Chief Report – Dwight Kerkhoven

-       Dwight will submit names for the provincial championships in Fernie and Cranbrook (PeeWee and Bantam)

-       Jason had mentioned that we need to try to make sure that the kids that have taken the referee course have had their five games so they can be reimbursed the cost of the course

-       Once they have completed their five games, they will submit their receipts to Dwight/Shane and then will be forwarded to treasurer for reimbursement


Renee noted that it might be helpful to let managers know that travel fee for referees is paid at end of each month. Nicholle Auger paid a referee on the weekend for travel from her 50/50 profit as the referee asked and she was not aware of the procedure. She has now been informed but just to make sure all managers are aware, Renee will send an email to all managers.


Coach Coordinator – Tiffany Rybachuk

She will be sending emails to coaches to complete post tasks

-       Once post tasks have been completed, the report needs to be signed by head coach, then Tiffany, then Jason

-       Then coach will submit receipts to Tiffany and then it will go to Treasurer for reimbursement for course payment


Equipment Manager – VACANT

-       Melissah is still doing it until the end of the season as no one has stepped up to do it

-       Renew with AtoMc

-       This year’s Atoms teams would like to keep the black jerseys this year

-       Timbits – do not keep a jersey

-       Dodge – haven’t quite got everything we are supposed to

o   Anita is going to contact them to ensure we are able to meet the requirements to receive the $500


Ice Coordinator Report – Holly Smyth

-       Nothing to report


Risk Manager Report – Blaine Beranek

-       Emailed nothing to report


Public Relations Report – Crystal Hartery

-       Team pictures went out in the papers

-       Individual photos in the Elk Valley Herald will be coming out weekly

-       Facebook has been positive – Elk Valley Minor Hockey Association




Fundraising Report – Dawn Weatherbee

4  Presenting to Project Society in Elkford tonight to possibly help with cost toward new boards

4  Received donations in the amount of $1625 for tournaments which equals $406.25 per level (Pre-Novice, Novice, Atoms, PeeWee)

o   Renee will ensure all teams have this amount on their tournament worksheet

4  Dawn would like to request that we approve an ad for Thank You to Businesses to be in the papers after all of the tournaments have been completed

o   Jason said for sure this needs to happen

o   Dawn will ensure her lists are accurate and then submit to the Free Press and the Elk Valley Herald when she feels that her list is accurate

o   Crystal suggested Dawn send a list of all sponsors to her so she can post sponsors on the FB page

4  New Boards & Photo Op for donations

o   Suggested that the PreNovices be a part of the photo op at their home tournament in Sparwood on Feb 18

§  PreNovices to wear Timbits jerseys

§  Dawn contact Teck for that weekend to see if they can get a representative for photo op (and potentially RCR)

·      Coordinate time for photo – perhaps Newspaper people could be there but if not, a photo can be done and then sent in to papers

·      Ask if they can provide a sign that could be posted on the boards for the photo op

o   Send list of people that donated to boards to Crystal to put on FB

4  Dawn wanted some direction for Nicholle’s request to allow businesses to purchase space/sponsorship in the PreNovice tournament program

o   Discussion ensued but it was ultimately thought that this is a slippery slope and that those present did not think it was a good idea

o   Renee will email Dawn and Nicholle to say not this year

§  It is something that can be visited and a decision made at a later date

§  If businesses wish to donate to tournaments, all donations (cash and otherwise) need to go through the Fundraising Coordinator


Special Events Report – Crystal Tennant

-       Wind up date: Sunday, April 9th – Sparwood – Crystal will book the Community Hall at the arena

-       PreNovice & Novice 11 - 1

-       Atoms, PeeWees, Midget & Female 1:30 – 3:30

-       Tickets will be $5 each

o   Once tickets are printed, they will be given to managers (with a deadline) so we have accurate numbers to order food

§  Last minute tickets will be available at the door but we prefer to have tickets presold

o   Managers are expected to collect payment for tickets for their team and submit payment to Renee at the Wind Up Banquet

o   Renee will contact Lori Bouvier to see if she has a template for the tickets that we can use

-       Pizza, pop, chips, ice cream sandwiches

-       Parent volunteers will be required as in previous years

o   Renee will email managers to let them know to ask for a few volunteers to help hand out the food

-       Trophies & medals will need to be ordered

o   Renee will talk to Lori Bouvier, John Baher & Bonnie (Esso medals) to find out what was done in the past

-       Nominations for each team will be handed out soon

o   Renee will email Lori for this information


-       District of Elkford – in-kind grant for not-for-profit – Crystal Tennant will apply for it and see if EVMHA will get anything

-       Mini-sticks came in – they are available for purchase for $2.60 per stick to any teams that wish to purchase them

o   Crystal made a request for Novice and PreNovice for the kids at end of year (we will move this to new business to discuss)


Female Coordinator – VACANT


Wild Wear Rep - VACANT


New business:

4  Letter from Sheri Taylor & Duane Lawrence re: Ice Users

o   Ice Rentals have increased this year (locally and non-locally)

o   Hope to ensure adequate ice rental for all user groups

o   Hosting an Ice User Group meeting on March 15, 2017 at 5 pm in the Leisure Centre Studio

§  Start dates for fall ice

§  Possible camps for figure skating or hockey

§  Tournament dates

§  Additional ice requirements

§  Requests for possible changes with current ice use

o   Deadline: April 30, 2017 for annual ice rental request

§  Requests will then be reviewed and preliminary ice schedule will be set

o   Signed ice contracts are due by August 15

o   Want to make sure local needs are considered first

§  Along with annual ice, request preliminary tournament and special events schedule

o   Need at least one representative to attend (we will ensure we have representation)

o   Jason requested the following information from Renee & Anita as soon as possible so that he be prepared for the meeting (this info will also be shared at the February executive meeting)

§  Total cost of ice and hours for 2016-2017

§  Ice Fee increases

§  Number of kids for each level next year (Estimated)


4  Renee suggested that we host AGM prior to the end of the season while parents are still thinking about hockey and prior to the meeting about ice scheduling with Sheri & Duane

o   AGM is planned for March 8th in Sparwood at Library at Frank J Mitchell Elementary @ 6 pm (changed from meeting as it was realized that curling club was not available yet due to their season not being over)

o   Crystal will send in announcement for AGM to newspaper

§  Renee let Crystal know about the change in location

o   Preliminary discussions occurred about things that would be discussed at AGM

§  Early registration incentive

·      free registration (but not the $50 for insurance)

·      Early bird special

o   Renee is going to ask Managers to get estimated projected numbers for next season – ask parents if they think their child will play

o   Renee will work on getting Pre-registration forms ready so they can be handed out to coaches soon and we can encourage families to pre-register

o   AGM is only place we can change fees, policy and prices

§  Will need to wait for AGM to hand out registration forms so that this information can be reflected accurately (but Renee will have them ready so forms can be handed out to all players prior to Spring Break)


4  Laurel Doehle’s Email

o   Thanks for paying for part of cost for the girls to attend the tournament in Whitefish. They had a great time!

o   Trying to get exhibition games but it’s difficult and girls are getting antsy so they would like to change their practice schedule

o   Female practices one time per week

§  Keep Week 1: Thursday in Sparwood

§  Keep Week 2: Wednesday in Elkford