DDC PA Board Meeting Notes

2016 December 30

6pm Sweden (UTC+1) / 5pm London GMT/UTC / 12pm Eastern (UTC-5) / 9am Pacific (UTC-8)

1st Board Meeting via https://appear.in/ddcpa-boardroom

Attendees: Jim Elsner, Hank Bass, Conrad Damon, Arthur Coddington


1. Welcoming remarks (Elsner)

2. Purpose of the DDCPA and what we've done thus far (Elsner)

3. Approve ByLaws (comments added for amendments at future meetings)

4. Next steps (Bass)

    A. Grow the Association, discuss membership

    B. Grow the sport, call for ideas, develop in the interim, present next mtg

5. Set Next meeting(s) (Elsner)

6. Summary and review action items (Bass)

Meeting notes (hwb, ed: jbe):

Make it easy to join & easy to get on a court and play - i.e. pod-centric approach; growth through pod play - e-newsletter could be a member benefit.  Lower tier membership, subscribe to newsletter gets you membership - decided we should start with that:

Membership Proposal: Join by subscribing to the DDCPA newsletter.  In return, you get a permanent DDCPA member number, and can opt out of newsletter at any time.

Electronic newsletter (email) will emphasize opportunities to join pod play, contacts, tournaments. Add a "donations accepted" link (via Paypal) to the account. Discussion needed on how to assign initial member numbers.

2017 March 19, 5:30 pm, Tallahassee, FL

Attendees:  Jim Elsner, Jack Cooksey, Conrad Damon, Hank Bass (via tele-conf), Arthur Coddington, with Dave Taylor observing.

Review of previous business -

  1. previous minutes were approved
  2. Follow-up:  HWB will contact Jade re: DDC FB - ask for link to DDCPA site
  3. Treasury update - we have DDC paypal account set up by JBE.
  4. Annual expenses to be estimated by Elsner & posted in these notes
  5. Website donations button on DDCPA page - Arthur C & Conrad D will assist with this.  JBE will add them as website administrative privileges.

Current Business

  1. Board membership will be staggered as follows:
    6 members total with Director to have tie-breaking authority for split votes
    Terms will be 4 years each
    Every two years, 3 of the 6 positions will be open for filling
    Positions can be filled by returning or new members
    The board will appoint new members and incorporate community feedback and input
  2. To begin the staggered terms, three of the current board members need to have 2y terms.  Initial 2y board members volunteered and were approved and are Cooksey, Coddington, & Elsner.  The others will have 4y terms.
  3. Fundraising Discussion - what are the funds for? - support tourneys, growing pods
  4. Membership - review prior proposal.
    Membership = Free, need email for e-newsletter.
    Jack will take lead on e-newsletter.
    Suggestion is to distribute e-newsletter via existing lists for 1st two years.
    Use sign-up drives at events.

Additional New Business

  1. Conrad noted that DDC rankings have moved from basic text file to databases
    additional metrics for analysis & inspection
    rankings code/engine unchanged for years  - is it good/optimal/appropriate
    Proposal to accept DDC Rankings System as the office DDCPA ranking system for the purpose of facilitating tournament organization and initial seedings.
    VOTED to approve the “conrad” system as the “DDCPA” system
    Jack mentioned “estrava” (sp?)

Action Items from 3-19-17 mtg:

  1. JIM will summarize finances. Email sent to board March 24.
  2. JIM will give access to CD & AC for DDCPA website admin for donation button & ranking integration. Invited AC as Contributor April 2. Only one contributor unless upgrade to business website.
  3. JACK will coordinate the DDCPA e-newsletter.
  4. Hank will contact CA DDC FaceBook page to share web site.
  5. Future tournaments will have DDCPA member sign up (membership drives).
  6. Arthur, Jim, and Jack are doing 2y terms.