If you fail to submit the app yourself, just order this service with us for $97 paying here https://secure.avangate.com/order/checkout.php?PRODS=4656381&QTY=1&CART=1

and then creating a ticket at http://clients.websplosion.com with the subject ANDROID APP SUBMISSION and we will submit the app for you within 1-2 days. In this case click Settings - User accounts and rights - Invite a new user and then invite info@chameleonclients.com as the Release manager, like on this screenshot

After that submit some text that you want to be used as a description of your app. Submit it in a ticket in the ticket center.

Please bear in mind that the submission process is a very important step in your app's publication so try to avoid any errors. Google can reject your app if you make errors or provide incorrect information!

Google Play app submission manual

IMPORTANT: First of all, please make sure your website is up and running, its colors are chosen well, all the texts are in order, the logo is nice and professional. An app is not a website, once submitted it is more difficult to make changes to it. Besides, Google looks at your website and app before approving your app and decides if the site is professional or not. If you do not have a decent logo you can order one with us at www.chameleonsocial.com/buy.php for an extremely low price of $47. It takes us 2-3 days to design a logo. For example, if your logo is not legible or is dark on a dark background, the app can be rejected.

Also, Google frequently changes the design of its Google Play Console, but the terms and the general process stays the same as in this document.

After that:

1. Please go to https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup/ and log in to your Google Account.

2. Accept the agreement and pay the Google's fee.

3. Complete your account details.

4. Click Add new application (this button can be in the middle of the screen if you have no apps yet).

Go to APK tab and switch to Advanced mode:


(If you don't see this button yet, it will appear after you upload one APK file).

And upload the APK file(s) provided to you by our company in the ticket center.

(Starting with Chameleon 4.1 there are TWO app .apk files for different device processor architectures, you need to upload BOTH, one by one. They share the SAME version, for example 1.0.0. Some of your users will download the first app, some users will download the second app, depending on their device's processor architecture).

ALWAYS click Save draft in the upper right corner, if the button is clickable.

You will now have 2 files of the same version:

5. Go to Store Listings in the left column. Enter the name of your app and the descriptions. The name is usually your website's name without .com.

6. Upload at least 2 screenshots of your app for the mobile phone, the rest is optional. IMPORTANT: just make screenshots of the mobile versions of your site, like site.com/m because it looks exactly the same as the app. The only thing you need to do is to make your browser's window small.

7. Create a 512x512 transparent png 24 bits with alpha icon and upload it.

8. Create some nice graphics 1024x500 and upload it.

It will appear here in the header on phones:

9. Choose these ones like this.

10. Enter some contact details.

11. Enter the Privacy Policy URL. It is always exactly like this one http://qflirt.com/m/info.php?page=priv_policy&lang=default but you need to put your website's address instead of qflirt.com.

That is, use


after your site's URL.

12. Click Save draft above.

13. Go to Content Rating in the left column. Click Continue. Enter your email and click the second option.

14. Choose the options like on the screenshot. The second line depends on the nature of your website. If users will share nudity then choose Yes.

Then click Save questionnaire and Calculate rating. Then click Apply rating.

15. Go to Pricing and distribution in the left column and choose Free.

Choose the countries you want the app to be available in. Usually all countries.

Check and uncheck like on the screenshot.

Choose yes if you plan to have ads in the app.

Click "Save draft" above.

16. You are ready to go! Click Publish in the right upper corner and wait till Google approves your app. It usually takes 1-3 hours.

IMPORTANT: We do not have any responsibility for the contents of your website, so Google can decide not to approve your app if they find it too violent or pornographic. In this case there are absolutely no refunds. Our Qflirt demo app was approved using the above mentioned steps and you get an exact copy of it. So the only reason why your app could be disapproved by Google is the contents of your website. Try changing it and resubmit. After all, your app is just a mobile mirror of what your website actually is.