Coach's Corner - Issue 4

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Image and Impression

After the clubs successful first round of pennant I need to address and express a point of view from the coach.

At the beginning of our journey I made some notes of what the successful path looked like, felt like and sounded like for Eastern Park. After the weekend, a picture of the scoreboard was posted on Facebook to which has caused a mountain out of a mole-hill reaction from bowlers around Geelong. I want to express that the person who posted the photo, I 100 per cent know the intention of the photo was elation and a reward for effort notion.

After phone calls, texts messages and personalized negative comments towards the club and myself it made me think a lot about the response of the public.

We need to realise that all of a sudden Eastern Park are now in the Geelong Bowls region spotlight, people are talking about us and part of the tall poppy syndrome will put our club under the microscope for every chance to hit back or express negative based comments towards our way or question our motive.

Please members take this as a positive, people are following our progress and will be watching every move we make. This week we play our first away game and there will be up to four clubs at the venue- no doubt people will be watching or listening to our game. PERFECT!

The image and first impression we leave on Geelong bowlers will quickly spread, a team that supports each other, is vocal towards their team mates, pick up bowls for their team mates, is united in their game plan, is willing to display positive body language to their team mates when behind in a game situation! All these small factors are an impression that Eastern Park bowlers will show.

We as a playing group need to make sure that we can answer each week with confidence that we have worked harder than our opposition, we want the success more than our opposition and we will do whatever it takes to achieve.

Our whole playing group from div 3 to div 11 must share this focus and deliver week in and week out, the vibe around the club is one full of pride and belief. Let’s make the outside influences drive us further...

I will leave you with a quote that I believe in

“ones attitude must match his ability”

Side by side, achieve!

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush