The Cosplay Group Dance Battle is a contest format that seeks to mix the traditional cosplay group contest and a dance contest. All groups must incorporate a short dance number with a minimum duration of 1 minute that at least half of the group (rounded up) must perform on-stage.


Contest registration is only available online. The following information must be submitted through a form below:

  1. The group leader's real name;
  2. The group's Team Name;
  3. The group leader's working contact details (mobile phone AND email);
  4. The number of members in the group (minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 including assistants and technical director);
  5. The real names of the team members;
  6. The series that the team is cosplaying as;
  7. A brief description of the background of the team and its members;

The information above must be truthful; falsifying any of the information will result in instant disqualification and the team members will not be allowed to join the succeeding year's competition as an additional penalty. All registration information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and other competitors will not be informed whether a particular competitor has entered the contest or not.

Teams that have won in past Cosplay Mania events are disqualified from joining unless they enter with a skit and costumes other than the ones they won with in the past. Original characters are also not allowed to join the contest.


From all the entries submitted online, only a maximum of 10 groups will be allowed to join the competition.

Deadline for all submissions will be on March 24, 2017. Finalists will then be contacted via e-mail and will be required to submit the following additional items:

  1. A BGM of no less than two (2) minutes and no more than (5) minutes that will be used for their stage performance;

 Finalists will be required to confirm on March 25, 2017 with the BGM for testing.


The Group Leader will be required to confirm their attendance on March 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM. The entire group must be in full costume and ready to perform at 3:00 PM. All group members will be required to purchase tickets to the event in order to participate.


Only one (1) Technical Assistant from the group will be allowed in the technical booth during the run of the performance. He will be allowed to oversee and provide cues for the technical materials, but will not be allowed to operate any of the equipment.

Performance Assistants include the team's stage hands, stage ninjas (or shadows) must be included in the roster of the team and are included in the count of the team's members. A minimum of 0 (zero) assistants to a maximum of two (2) assistants are allowed per team. In addition, the number of assistants must not exceed the number of contestants in costume.

Only Performance Assistants are allowed to set-up the stage with stage props before the performance. Performance Assistants are provided a maximum of one (1) minute to set-up the stage with stage props before the performance begins. After the skit, they are also required to clean up all stage props so that the stage can be prepared for the next team of contestants. While setting up or cleaning up, they are required to wear black.


  1. Fanservice (ie. yaoi, yuri, etc.) is allowed but should be “General Patronage”. Any kind of extreme kind of fanservice (ie. kissing, PDA, etc.) that is deemed inappropriate for minors are strictly prohibited. Keep in mind that Cosplay Group Dance Battle is a wholesome and a General Patronage event.

  1. Costumes that are too revealing (ie. exposes private parts) are prohibited. Scantily clad and/or sexy costumes are allowed but not encouraged. The Cosplay Mania organizing team has the right to disqualify any participant on this ground.

  1. All kinds of costume props must be handled with utmost care and must not be harmful to his/her fellow contestants, event staff and event attendees. Any kind of sharp and/or bladed objects that will be used as costume props that could cut human flesh are strictly prohibited. Any kind of pyrotechnic equipment/s that will be used as costume props that could render damage to the venue and/or property is strictly prohibited.

  1. The Cosplay Group Dance Battle organizing team, Cosplay Carnival organizers and its staff will not be held responsible for damage or injury resulting from mishandling and/or negligence of a contestant in his/her use of props/materials throughout the duration of the event.

  1. Contestants under eighteen (18) years of age as of event date must have their parent/s and/or legal guardian/s sign the waiver/image release form to be provided at the registration table.

  1. Cosplay Carnival organizers reserve the right to disqualify any contestant who ignores and/or violates any of the aforementioned guidelines.

  1. Registration and participation in this contest constitutes that the contestant gives the right and the authority to the Cosplay Carnival organizers/staff, its sponsors and authorized press media to take pictures and/or videos of registered contestants, teams and its members and will be the sole property of the organizers/staff, its sponsors and authorized press media to be used for future publications and/or advertising promotions.

  1. Cosplay Carnival organizers and its staff and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from participating in the competition. This includes parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, uncles or aunts, first cousins, nephews or niece and brother or sister.


  1. The competition is restricted to a maximum of ten (10) groups.

  1. The group members must be in costumes from any anime, manga, comic book, movie, television series, etc. as long as they are not entirely original characters. Mash-up costumes or genderbender costumes will be allowed. Series mash-up of characters such as Dragonball Z together with the Avengers will likewise be allowed.

  1. Each group will be allowed one (1) minute to set-up for their performance and another one (1) minute to clean-up after their performance.

  1. The performance must be at least two (2) minutes and must not exceed five (5) minutes in duration.

  1. A dance routine with a minimum duration of (1) minute must be included in the performance, and at least half (1/2) (rounded-up) of the group members must participate in the dance number. This dance performance may be at the beginning, middle or end of the performance or may encompass the entire performance.

  1. Aside from the dance performance, the group will be allowed to perform any fighting skit, song number, etc. as long as it does not violate any of the general guidelines (see above.)

  1. Should the BGM provided by the group exceed the five (5) minute time limit, the audio will be faded out signaling the group that the performance should be over. Should the group continue with their performance beyond the staged five (5) minutes, judging penalties will be applied (see below.)


A panel of judges will judge the contest with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Costume Quality (20%): The quality of details, difficulty, durability and mobility of the costumes and props used in the performance;

  1. Stage Performance (30%): Overall quality of the performance including synchronization of the action and sound effects, stage blocking and storyline. This also includes the quality of the performance and the creativity of the BGM soundtrack;

  1. Dance Performance (50%): The quality and difficulty of the dance moves, the synchronization of the dance group members and the audience impact that the dance performance has on the crowd.


In addition to the judging scores, penalties will be imposed on the following rule infractions:

  1. Exceeding Time Limit (10% Infraction): For every one (1) minute or fraction thereof that the performance exceeds the time limit of five (5) minutes, a 10% score deduction will be applied.

  1. Exceeding the Set-up or Clean-up Time Limit (10% Infraction): For every one (1) minute or fraction thereof that the set-up or clean-up exceeds the time limit of one (1) minutes, a 10% score deduction will be applied. A 20% infraction will be incurred if both set-up and clean-up times exceed the time limit.

  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct (10% Infraction): For actions that are demeaning to the other teams or that incite conflict in the competition, a 10% score deduction will be applied. If this unsportsmanlike conduct continues, it may result in disqualification and ejection from the venue grounds.

  1. Incomplete Requirements (5% Infraction): If any of the materials required are incomplete, a 5% score deduction will be applied to the final scoring.

Cosplay Group Dance Battle judges’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.


At the end of the event, the scores will be tabulated and the highest scores based on each division will be determined. The awards will be as follows:

  1. Best Performers: P4,000 CASH + P6,000 worth of prizes
  2. Runner-Up Performers: P2,000 CASH + P3,000 worth of prizes

All winners must be present for the awarding ceremony and must be in full costume. If the winner is not present during the awarding ceremony, the next highest scoring competitor will be awarded the prize instead. If there is a compelling reason for the contestant not to be present during the awarding ceremony, they will be required to inform an organizer beforehand and provide a proxy for themselves during the awarding ceremony.

Rules are subject to change and revisions without prior notice.

The Cosplay Group Dance Battle Rules and Guidelines is the sole property of® and Cosplay Philippines®.

The guidelines cannot be copied and/or replicated and/or reproduced for any other event and/or contest without the consent and/or permission from its parent owners.