Meeting Minutes

Denman Middle School PTSA Association Meeting        Page  of

October 13, 2015        Start        6:12 pm

James Denman Middle School, Library        Adjourn        7:21 pm

  1. Welcome (S. Goeke)
  1. Attendee introductions
  1. Minutes from September 8, 2015 JDMS PTSA Association Meeting (N. Matsui)
  1. Brief review of minutes
  2. Minutes approved by acclamation (proposed by A. Ma, seconded S. Mui-Shonk)
  1. Principal’s Report (S. Goeke)
  1. Announcements
  1. Pre-SBAC testing next week
  2. SFUSD Enrollment Fair, Saturday, Oct 24; please see Ms. Jovich if you can volunteer
  3. Valley Fire Relief: collecting donations for victims of the fire
  4. Principal Chat, Nov 5
  1. Beacon Announcements (E. Chhum, J. Chu)
  1. Thanksgiving baskets will be given to Food Pantry families
  1. A list of recommended donations will be determined on Oct 14
  2. Donations of baskets, food will be collected through mid-November in bins near the school office and Beacon office
  3. Requesting volunteer help on November 19 to prepare the baskets
  1. Community family programs on weeknights: tai chi, yoga, ceramics, basic computer; future programs will include ESL
  2. Beacon Community Council to provide input for Beacon programs: first meeting will be Monday, October 26, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
  1. President’s Report (S. Goeke)
  1. Read-a-thon
  1. Students are reading in Advisory on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  2. Reading minutes are logged in through student/school Google accounts
  3. Progress is posted next to the office
  4. Competition by Advisory class: most class reading minutes, most class participation
  1. SRI and Lexile reading levels (A. Boles-King)
  1. See attached information sheet: SFUSD guidelines, description of SRI and Lexile reading levels
  2. SRI assessment test was administered on the 3rd week of school
  3. Parents can ask teachers for their child’s Lexile level
  1. School library – some books have Lexile level on the spine tag
  2. SFUSD library catalog (accessed by students through JDMS portal) has book Lexile levels
  3. is a good resource for finding book Lexile levels
  1. Treasury Report (A. Eastwood, L. Acosta-Bhattahcharya)
  1. Review of Treasury Report
  1. Budget approved by acclamation (proposed by N. Matsui, seconded A. Ma)
  1. PTSA-funded teacher grants
  1. Cernuto – tech bins for end-of-year storage, $480; discussion was tabled pending further info on costs
  2. Geballe – white boards for collaborative work, $125; approved by acclamation (proposed S. M-S, 2nd A B-K)
  3. Meeker – speaker for Block Rocker in fitness room, $150; approved by acclamation (proposed A M., 2nd L A-B)
  4. Botai – microwave for copy room, $163.98; approved by acclamation (proposed A B-K, 2nd S. M-S)
  5. Fox/Science Department – Science News subscriptions, $726; approved by acclamation (proposed NM, 2nd L A-B)
  1. Community Report (MA. Adelantar)
  1. JDMS Clean Up Day, Saturday Oct 17, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
  1. Partnered with SF DPW
  2. DPW will power wash the front walls/stairs
  3. DPW will provide lunch; head count needed by Oct 14 (see Mary Ann)
  4. SFUSD maintenance will replace the anti-slip strips on stairs
  5. JDMS volunteers will clean up the trash and apply new wood chips in the front yard area
  6. JDMS volunteers will include community service 8th graders; other students with their parents
  1. New Business
  1. Announcements
  1. Miraloma Fun Run is looking for parking volunteers
  2. Denman Pride Fund will start soon
  3. Parent-Teacher Conferences, week of Nov 16
  1. S. Goeke is seeking input/feedback about recruiting more parents into the PTSA and for volunteer activities; also for fundraising ideas



Stephanie Goeke (President)

Mary Ann Adelentar (VP Community)

Alison Eastwood (Treasurer)

Leslie Acosta-Bhattahcharya (Financial Sec.)

Neil Matsui (Secretary)

Lisa Jovick-Berrueta (Assistant Principal)

Anthony Boles-King (Teacher Representative)

Jason Adelantar

Natalie Krello-Zepponi

Amy Ma

Luke Matsui

Luis Monzon

Susie Mui-Shonk

Joni Chu

Elijah Chhum

Kathryn Levenson


Meeting Agenda (S. Goeke), Minutes from 9/8/15 PTSA Meeting (N. Matsui), 2015-16 Budget (L. Acosta-Bhattahcharya), SRI and Lexile guidelines (A. Boles-King).


October 1-30


October 17

Fall Clean Up Day

October 24

SFUSD Enrollment Fair

October ?

Denman Pride PTSA Fundraiser Kick-Off

October 27

PTSA Board Meeting

November 10

PTSA Association Meeting


Effective Date

Approved 9/8/15 Association Meeting minutes (proposed by AM, seconded SMS, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 2.2]

October 13, 2015

Approved 2015-16 budget (proposed by NM, seconded AM, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 5.1]

October 13, 2015

Approved 2015-16 Teacher grant to Geballe (proposed by SMS, seconded ABK, motion carried by acclamation) [Item]

October 13, 2015

Approved 2015-16 Teacher grant to Meeker (proposed by AM, seconded LAB, motion carried by acclamation) [Item]

October 13, 2015

Approved 2015-16 Teacher grant to Botai (proposed by ABK, seconded SMS, motion carried by acclamation) [Item]

October 13, 2015

Approved 2015-16 Teacher grant to Fox/Science Department (proposed by NM, seconded LAB, motion carried by acclamation) [Item]

October 13, 2015