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Reflections on Anima Locus

The intention behind the creation of this sculpture was to make a form that represented the Spirit of this place; the spring, the stream, the woods, the orchard and vegetable garden, the house; all that makes up the magic of this beautiful house and garden in its little hidden valley.

Earth and Water

Two key forms are present in the sculpture; it is a dual form, intertwining at the base. The larger straighter form with the circle through the top represents the Earth and the hole in this side represents St Julian's spring, on the Earth. The other, more flowing twisting form represents the water coming down from the spring. They meet at the base and both forms become one; water and Earth together, as one. They touch as they cross over, and this is the point that I call the Kiss. The two sides form a relationship, and together represent the duality of nature; the masculine force and the feminine force. Both sides contain aspects of the masculine and feminine qualities.  Each contains within the qualities of the other.

Naturally, as I was carving it, I sometimes read the stronger, larger “Earth” side to be the masculine and the smaller flowing “Water” side to be the feminine, and at other times, the hole seemed clearly a more feminine shape, while that of the Water side seemed to be moving up to meet the hole, giving a more masculine shape and feel.

Curiously, the earth side covers of the base of the sculpture, than the water side; it is like the mountains rising up above the Earth, far from water, while the oceans lie at the lowest points and cover most of the Earth.  The water side is smaller above yet larger below, taking more of the circle into its own.

The Kiss

What would happen, I pondered, if I took out the point at which they joined, took out the Kiss?  I feel that the Kiss is particularly important for the Earth, almost as if this narrow join is holding up the Earth; the Earth needs the Kiss of the Water.

For me, I also read this in another, more symbolic way. Humanity is represented by the Water side as we are mostly water. Therefore, we are in partnership with the Earth, giving our support, while the Earth supports us. We are holding one another up. It is the Earth, therefore, which not only birthed us from the spring, but also which will give us our purpose; to support it and to be in partnership with the Earth.

The Spring and the Circle

The Spring is represented by the hole, which is also the Circle. The Circle is a hole,  and represents Oneness. Oneness is the Source of all life. The Water moves out of      the Spring flowing down creating life, while there is simultaneously a pull of energy upward to the spring, drawing insects and animals and people to it to drink from its source. The marriage of the above and the below; every movement of energy has its equal countermovement.

Stephen Watts, October  2011