Should We Redesign Humans?

The technology is coming.  Developments in biotechnology and engineering have advanced astronomically in the past decade and even years.  Soon, it may be possible to genetically modify humans or human organs for a variety of different purposes.  The possibilities are endless and also scary



  1. Watch the Ted Talk by Paul Wolpe, It’s time to question bio-engineering (done together in class)

  1. Examine the other Ted Talk videos under the category, Should we redesign humans (Don’t watch the video, The Next Species of Humans, we will discuss this in a future unit)

  1. Select an article from the following resources, or find your own, to enhance your understanding
  1. NY Times Genetically Modified Organisms Articles
  2. Nature Genetically Modified Organisms Explanation

  1. Answer the finally discussion points by creating one of the following presentation options.  Findings and research will be shared with classmates:
  1. Discussion Points:
  1. How is genetic modification conducted
  2. State two current uses of genetically modified crops or animals
  3. Discuss the potential benefits and possible harmful effects of one example of genetic modification
  1. Presentation Options:
  1. Prezi
  2. Realtime Board

  1. Turn-In: Collect a url link for your product and turn in via Google Classroom