Jaguar Journal

North Wilkes Middle School

Volume 1, Issue 1 - October 31, 2016                                                                               “These things we do, so all may lead.”        

Introducing the Jaguar Journal  

We are proud and excited to introduce the Jaguar Journal at North Wilkes Middle School!  The staff here has a desire to follow the 7 Habits and take on a leadership role.  It is our goal and mission for students, staff, and community to stay informed, entertained, and be proud of what North Middle has accomplished. We look forward to starting this adventure with each and every one of you!


Editor’s Note

A new journey is always daunting at first.  We start with questions brought on by doubt and the opinions of others which leads into fear. This fear overwhelms us and we somehow allow this fear to conquer our lives.  Why is this? Why are we terrified of doing our best even though we might fail?  

That is how I feel while beginning this adventure with the staff at the Jaguar Journal.  Even though we may fail or stumble, I am privileged to begin this journey with my  staff and you as readers.  I want to take this time and thank you all in advance for supporting us now and in the future.  

Please take these words of advice.  It is okay to fail or mess up.  We all fail but it’s how we get back up that matters.  With time and effort, we all can succeed.

  • Mr. Smith

Inside this Issue

Introducing Jaguar Journal

Ask Pat

Who Are You Voting For?

Student Spotlight

Student Work

Upcoming Events

Hot Topic


Staff Interviews

Staff Memories

7 Habits

Ask Pat

Hello, my name is Pat.  I would first like to introduce myself to our readers.  I will be giving advice about school and/or problems you might be facing in life.  If you are in need of advice or have questions, please send me an email or submit a question to me in the red box labeled, “Ask Pat” that can be found in the Media Center.

This is an anonymous column and no one will know who is asking for help or advice.  Please feel free to ask anything and you will see your advice in the next issue!  Again, thank you all in advance and you have supporters and friends here from the Jaguar Journal.

Favorite Type of Pizza

  • By Ariana Price

Pepperoni= 75%

Cheese= 25%

 Image result for pizza hut

Corny Jokes

  • By Rosa Rojas and Jacob Casstevens

Q: What do you call it when Batman skips church?

A: Christian Bale

Q: Why don’t they play poker in the jungle?

A: Too many cheetahs

Q: Why did the bicycle fall over?

A: Because it was too tired


  • By Isaiah Dancy and Dalton Sheets

The Art Sharpen the Saw club is making suminagashi paintings.  This is an ancient Japanese technique to decorate paper with ink.

Television PremiereWalking_Dead_S7_Poster.jpg

  • By Jonathan Taylor

Don’t miss the Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead!  It will appear on AMC on Sunday, October 23 at 9:00 p.m.  Who did Negan chose? Tune in to find out who Negan chose from the last episode of Season 6 and see what is in store for the group this season.

“We survive by pulling together, not apart.” - Rick Grimes  

Who Are You Voting For?

  • By AJ villalpando

Who are you going to vote for in the 2016 Presidential Election?

Trump= 8 people

Clinton= 2 people

No Say= 2 people

Student Life Questions

  • By Austin Kiger

Isabel Garcia-Limon-

I don’t like homework in classes but I always do it.  My favorite class is probably P.E.  I like playing the different games.

Uriel Gomez-

I really like to read but not books that are boring. It takes me a while to get into books though.


Hot Topic

  • By Leighan Burns

   One topic that is discussed a lot from the students’ point of view is the dress code at North Middle.  I have gone around and asked people about their opinions.

   Many students say the dress code is pointless because most students don’t follow it.  Other students said they appreciate how lenient the dress code is this year.  

A staff member stated, “The dress code is very lenient this year, but all students need to know it shouldn’t be a distraction to education.”  

   I think students should be able to wear what they like as long as it is appropriate.

Memories From Our Staff

  • By Kaitlyn Cardwell

Mrs. Rutherford

   - I remember being in a club that taught us how to write in a sophisticated manner.  Also, during basketball practice, I was playing limbo and fell.  This resulted in me not being able to play.

Mrs. Shupe

  - In high school, I was on the Yearbook Staff.  I really enjoyed this time with friends and teachers.



Upcoming Events

  • By Ariana Stamper

8th Grade:

Biltmore House Field Trip


Charleston Field Trip


7th Grade:

Christmas Carol Play

Virginia Field Trip

6th Grade:

ASU Field Trip

Upcoming Movies

Doctor Strange


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Staff Interviews

  • By Zack Carlton and Cali Johnson

Mrs Trivette-

Q: Did you play play sports? A:Yes,cheerleading and basketball

Q: When did you start teaching:

A: 1999

Mrs. Prevette-

Q: When did you start teaching?


Q: Did you play sports?

A: No

Mr. Smith-

Q: Favorite subject in school?:

A: Math, it was easier for me at the time.

Q: Did you like middle school?:

A: No, I didn’t know who I wanted to be so it was very confusing for me.

Q: What sports did you play?:

A: Track, Cross Country, and Swimming

Mrs. Freeman-

Q: What sports did you play?

A: Basketball, volleyball, and softball

Q: Favorite subject in school?:

A: Math

Q: What is your favorite hobbies?:

A: Scuba diving, cooking, and reading

Mrs. Mathis-

Q: Favorite subject in school?:


Q: What sports did you play?:

A: Basketball, cheerleading, and tennis

Q: Favorite book?:

A: The Holy Bible

7 Habits Focus: Put First Things First

Do you always forget to do your assignments? Do you stress at the last minute? Create time everyday and do what is important! Stress causes sickness, headaches, and other pressures we don’t need in our lives.