General Information About

Board Membership and Committee Functions

The activities of the Redwood Empire Chapter of CAMFT are managed by the Board of Directors and conducted, in large part, by the Committee Chairpersons and Members.

The Chapter’s Organization Manual describes these activities and functions.  Neither the general information nor the committee and position descriptions have the force of bylaws.


Length and Timing of Terms

Board of Directors’ positions are filled bi-annually (with the exception of the President, President-Elect, and Past President) and installation of these officers occurs at the Annual Membership meeting in December of each year.

Committee Chairpersons take on their duties as positions become available throughout the year.


Relationship to the Board

Committee Chairpersons report to the Board by attending monthly Board meetings to submit reports of their committee meetings, which briefly summarize activities and accomplishments, decisions reached, future planned activities, and the next scheduled meeting.

Any speakers, projects, or special events beyond the scope of normal committee activities require the prior approval of the Board.  Specific examples of these and other activities requiring such approval are identified in each Committee description, as applicable.

It is recommended that the Committee Chairperson attend any Board meeting at which Committee business may be presented to the Board.


Committee Structure

The size and structure of the Chapter’s committees varies with the activities, interests and membership of each committee.  These may include co-chairpersons and appointed secretaries to take notes and submit committee reports.  Decision-making can be by majority vote, consensus, or unanimity.  Frequency of meetings varies, as well as requirements for meeting attendance, and designation of replacements for the chairperson in his/her absence.

The Chapter Newsletter provides a primary means for communication with Committee and Chapter members.  The time and location of Committee meetings, particularly those open to the Chapter membership, can be announced in the Newsletter.

All announcements and articles must be received by the Newsletter Editor by the indicated deadline for inclusion.


Committee Member Recruitment

Recruitment is  conducted through Newsletter articles, announcements at the monthly general meetings of the membership, and referrals.

Unless otherwise noted in specific committee descriptions, members may join committees at any time during the year.


Financial Responsibilities

Each Committee Chairperson requests an annual budget, manages the existing budget, and claims expenditures through the reimbursement process.  Some activities require prior Board approval and these are noted in specific Committee descriptions.


Transfer of Duties to New Incumbents[2]

It is the duty of outgoing Board Members and Chairpersons to provide their replacements with the information and materials they need to carry on the responsibilities and functions of the position.  The committee’s official copy of this manual will provide information regarding the functions and responsibilities.  The outgoing incumbent should hold at least one meeting with the incoming person to complete these transition activities.