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Media Release Opt Out Form

In this digital age the church takes many pictures of worship services, special events, activities, Sunday School, youth groups, etc.  We use these pictures to record, promote, and celebrate our church ministry through many different venues including, but not limited to, our church website, slideshows, publications, social media, etc.  

We understand that some people may choose NOT to have their photos used and Memorial UMC wants to respect those rights to privacy.  Therefore, we have provided below an “Opt Out Form” for those individuals and families who may prefer NOT to have photographs of themselves used by the church.  YOU ONLY NEED TO COMPLETE AND SUBMIT FORM BELOW IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR PHOTOGRAPH USED BY THE CHURCH.

I request  ______________________________________’s photograph not be used in any still photography, videotape, television, or motion picture production that will be produced, used or distributed by Memorial United Methodist Church for any purpose.  

Signature________________________________________        Date__________________

Please note ALL family member names included in the opt out below:





Please note this form is valid until you notify the church office with a written request.

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