Action Center Job Description

TITLE:         Data Development Specialist (Volunteer or hosted program participant)

DESCRIPTION:   Develop and enter information on volunteers plus organizations and church ministries that utilize volunteers in the Community Link (CLABQ) database.

OBJECTIVE:  To make it easy for staff to help volunteers link their passion with a meaningful volunteer opportunity and to develop basic job skills in staff.

KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Basic knowledge of computer word processing, spreadsheets and databases.        

SKILLS:        Keyboarding ability. Able to collect data  from various organizations through phone conversations and reviewing internet websites.        

EDUCATION:  None required

TIME COMMITMENT:        4 hour shifts – as many per week as desired (Monday through Friday).  This may vary.

SUPERVISED BY:        Action Center Director, Resource Coordinator or Supervisor (Depending on personnel availability)                

WORKING WITH:        Staff at the Action Center, church ministries, and organizations.

WORK LOCATION:        Action Centers                

AGE REQUIREMENTS:        At least 18 years old                


OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:        Depending on the programs personnel may be in, job skills will be developed through the training program. Comply with personnel policies. Signing of a Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest form is required. A sex offender registry check will be conducted.  If a person is on the registry they will not be allowed to work in the Action Center because children and vulnerable individuals are present at times.  Hosted program participants will not normally travel away from the worksite except for volunteer appreciation events that may be held at other Community Link locations.

Specific Duties: (Include but not exclusive)

  1. Learn the CLABQ database thoroughly.
  2. Research the internet for information.
  3. Call and/or email organizations for information.
  4. Be very familiar with the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) coding system.
  5. Be able to develop spreadsheets and manipulate their functions.
  6. Be able to write word processing documents to include letters and resumes.
  7. Log in and out of time accounting systems.
  8. Strive to use the computer keyboard effectively.
  9. For people in a hosted program they will comply with their program requirements.
  10. Other duties as assigned.

1/9/2017  Version 1