Trail Conditions

Updated 6/11/18


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Email to update the status of a trail section.

Feel free to go out and clear any section of trail. Visit a recently maintained section to see what we expect!

Spring and summer tools: swing blade, string trimmer, pruning shears, machete, and a small handsaw are all you need to clear a trail. Large fallen trees will be taken care of by park staff.


Riverside-Campground Loop

Wild Turkey Trail from Riverside Trail Bridge 1 near Trail Head to intersection near Bridge 3, including two spur trails to the campgrounds.

STATUS: Overgrown between campgrounds, but the microstegium is mostly harmless.


Riverside-Bend Trail Section 1

Trail Head at Playground to Observation Tower

STATUS: Clear (worked it 5/25)

Notes: when the river gauge at Whitesburg is at 13+ feet, the beginning of the RBT and Bridge 1 will be partially submerged.


Riverside-Bend Trail Section 2

Observation Tower to Bridge 5

STATUS: Clear (worked it 5/25)

Notes: Microstegium narrows trail but is easily controlled with string trimmer or swing blade.


Riverside-Bend Trail Section 3

Bridge 5 to Base 2

STATUS: Clear to bridgeless crossing before overlook (worked it 5/25); Most likely overgrown with grasses.


Riverside-Bend Trail Section 4

Base 2 to Ridgetop Scout Bench

STATUS: Should be ok, except for occasional spear grass


Riverside-Bend Trail Section 5

Ridgetop Scout Bench to SW Corner of Base 1 field

STATUS: Clear (Worked it 5/12/18)

ADOPTED by Newnan Hiking Club


Riverside-Bend Trail Section 6

SW Corner of Base 1 field to North Trail Head

STATUS: Most likely overgrown in some spots

 Trail follows firebreak directly to restrooms. It is marked by blazes on 4x4 posts.

ADOPTED by Steve S.

Notes: map needs updating


Wild Turkey Trail Section 1

Visitor’s Center to Trail Head 2

STATUS: Clear from Bobwhite crossing to Trail Head 2 (Worked it 5/12/18)


Wild Turkey Trail Section 2


STATUS: Clear from TH2 thru power line (Worked it 5/12/18). Passable to Bobwhite crossing. (6/10/18)

Trail has been rerouted from Bobwhite crossing around cabins - map needs updating.

Notes: trail can quickly get very overgrown where it crosses the power line easement


Tower Trail

Wild Turkey Trail to Riverside Trail

STATUS: Totally Overgrown. Trail has been closed for months.

Note: map needs updating - trail now ends at Wild Turkey Reroute around cabins


Wild Turkey Trail Section 3

Tower Trail to Campground Loop

STATUS: most likely a bit overgrown

Trail has been rerouted from Bobwhite bridge around the cabins.

Notes: map needs updating - trail actually uses Bobwhite Way bridge to cross Turkey Creek


Wild Turkey Trail Section 4-A

Trail Head 1 to Brown Thrasher Trail

STATUS: most likely a bit overgrown

Wild Turkey Trail Section 4-B

Visitor Center to Brown Thrasher Trail

STATUS: most likely a bit overgrown


Brown Thrasher Trail

Trail Head 1 to Wild Turkey Trail

STATUS: most likely a bit overgrown

Notes: Western section of trail (on this map, starting right above the ‘o’ in Brown Thrasher) needs tall grasses trimmed.

Flat Rock Trail and Bobcat Trail

Loop across Bobwhite Way from Trail Head 1

FLAT ROCK: West side of loop Clear from Bobcat Connector to TH1 (5/12/18); most likely overgrown elsewhere

BOBCAT NORTH: Clear (Worked it 5/12/18)

BOBCAT SOUTH: Open and possibly a little overgrown