Northview 4th Grade Student Tech Links Doc

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Tech Use

Design / Create

Subject Skills

General Tech Tip

  • Type ctrl & z to undo a mistake
  • Type ctrl & c to copy words or images
  • Type ctrl & v to paste what you copied
  • Other keyboard shortcuts

Search Tip

Use for more kid-friendly searches.

Some search results may have the word “ad” by them. You can skip those.

Animal Structures & Fossils Activity

Use Autodraw to design w/ drawing and words

Example idea

Make a picture that represents corresponding terms or objects.

Factors & Arrays Interactive

Story Choice (Commonlit)

(choose a story then use the tools in the upper right to listen, highlight or take notes. Respond to questions as well)


Tech Use

Subject Skills

Design / Create

General Tech Tip

In Google Docs/Slides, click the image icon and Search the web to find pictures or Camera to take a picture from your webcam

Add it to your doc or slide, and then you can modify or move it.

Search Tip

Don’t believe everything you read. If something seems fishy, look it up on another site to see if you find the same info. See if this tree octopus site is real.

Line Graphs Lesson & Practice

Grammar Blast

Google Drawings template

Show thinking or make connections.

Use a Google Doc to publish and share a story you wrote.

  1. How to share a Google Doc
  2. Click and then right-click a picture and choose Crop or Image Options to modify image.


Tech Use

Subject Skills

Design / Create

General Tech Tips

When you click on links, it often opens a new tab. Look for what you have open so you can switch easily.

Video on tabs and windows

Search Tip

Use keywords to find info faster. For example, search for “hurricane wind speed” instead of just “hurricanes”.

Farmer Pat’s Fence Activity

Story Quiz

Climate Change Quiz


Google Slides


Tech Use

Subject Skills

Design / Create

General Tech Tips

Chromebook Screenshot:

Hold Ctrl+Shift+ then drag over the screen to take a picture of something on screen. Save or copy and paste it.

Search Tip

Find out more about a word or a phrase on a website by doing this:

  1. Highlight the word(s)
  2. Right-click (two-finger click Chromebook)
  3. Choose “Search Google for____”

(in Google Docs, choose Explore or Define)

Practice with Rays and Line Segments

Vegetable Story

(use the tools in upper right and click Assessment for questions)


Star Wars Coding Activity

Dance Party Coding Activity


Tech Use

Subject Skills

Design / Create

General Tech Tips

Create a list of numbers or bullets by clicking the buttons. When you click Enter a new line will appear. Click Tab to indent in your list.

Search Tip

Type ctrl+f to search for a word or phrase in a document or website. This can help you find stuff faster

Place Value Interactive

 (click Use Template)

Place Value Quest

Topic Choice (Commonlit)

(click on something that interests you, and then read and respond)

Make a Newspaper

  1. Open this newspaper link and click Use Template
  2. Change name of paper and other details
  3. Create an article about a topic you are studying
  4. Use the  icon to find and add a picture


Tech Use

Subject Skills

Design / Create

General Tech Tips

Add a table to a Google Doc or Slide by clicking Insert>Table. Choose how many rows and columns and then add words, numbers, or images.

Guide on tables in Google Docs 

Search Tip

Use Google’s search filters to find more recent results, different types of results, and more. See how to filter results by date and for more: how to use search filters. Kiddle has options too.

Synonym, Antonym, & Homophone Game

Facticious Activity

See if you can tell what’s fake news

(guide for source review)

Graph a 2D Building

Make an Interactive Map

Use the tools on the left to add lines, shapes, drawings, and text to map a story, a social studies topic, or a trip you’ve taken.


Tech Use

Subject Skills

Design / Create

General Tech Tip

Right-click on things to see a menu of options. (words, pictures, links, etc.) This can help save time and do more things.

Search Tip

 Test your search skills on one of these Google-a-day challenges

Skills Prep

(choose an activity or follow teacher instructions)

*Looking for more? Scroll down to find activities from past months, or do a search for a topic you are studying in class.

Go through this spreadsheet practice doc (in Google Sheets)


End-of-year / Get Ready for Summer

Year in Review

Organize your Google Drive

Things you can do over summer:

Access your Google account from anywhere

  • Go to & click
  • Enter your Northview email address (  and password

Activities you can try:

  • Search for the NVPS student portal and find your grade level under your school for activities you can do.
  • Hone your typing skills on
  • Code like crazy at
  • Take pictures or videos of summer activities