How Do Guns Shoot?

Have you ever wondered how guns shoot?

As you read through this you will learn what what a gun is used and why it is used.  You will also learn how a gun shoots

A gun is used in the war and terrorist’s use  them for killing lots of people.  when you pull the trigger a spring launches the bullet out of the barroll.a gun cannot  fire  in space.  Bullets are safe until you pull the trigger.  A bullet needs a lot of gun powder to shoot out the gun.

The parts of a pistol are: The backsight, the front sight, the trigger, the muzzle, the barrel, the grip, the slide stop, the magazine, the grip safety, magazine release, the trigger guard and most importantly the ammo.

So the main parts of a pistol are the bullets, the trigger and the magazine. p.s If you're a kid don't use a gun without an adult.  P.S again if you are a kid and you have a gun blame your parents not yourself.


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